leaving rp for good sorry goig to have to shut it down say your goodbyes and friend everyone so we can stay together

I hurry through the halls, avoiding eye contact from everyone I see. I wasn't good with people, no ones ever liked me except for kotori. I run through the halls and arrive at the library. "Finally." I said in my soft voice. "I can be all alone." I take out my sketch pad and start to draw.
() I want to make a large story! Yes it can have sex scenes but I want it to have more feelings behind it! She's a Dandere. Anyone?()

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Name: Kotonoha sasaki
Personality: socially awkward, not well with new people, shy around older people
Eyes: soulful blue
Hair: black hanging to her mid-thighs
Likes: anime, manga, and doujinshi
Dislikes: fake people, people trying to fit on.
((I hope you guys like her!))

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to rp

sits down to eat some curri and sushi(normal yuri or bondage yuri) This looks good.


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Name: Aiden Smith age: 14
Shy, loner. Likes to hide into her scarf, has glasses but usually wears contacts. Neko.
May 2, 2013
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sittintg in the park sleeping     wakes up  oh no i missed my date :(

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kind and other stuff

Must put: Gender, age, class, grade, photo, species(does not have to be human), what type of rp(yuri master, yuri ninja, stuff like that) and add a photo
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