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I present thee, Land Of Stories! Right Off The Bat Here are some rules:

·No bullying! If I see bullying I will idek give you a strike. As long as it is in Roleplay, I do not care.

·If you are a one liner, try to do two or more. For this reason it is so roleplays would be interesting. So no things like walks because even if that is some HIGH QUALITYNESS it ain't gonna cut it.

·OCs are allowed BUT, if you are trying to make them of royal descendant of Cinderella and a few other princesses, please ask before you do so.

·You can either use the Template I am going to have to come up with or use your own.

·If I come up with more rules I will add them later. Until then, Happy Roleplaying!

·This is a PG Community. If you want to make your character say Fuck, Shit, Bitch, be my guest. Although you will have to put pg-13. If you forget, that is alright I will not hold that against you.

·And also, do not put Reshare If, Don't reshare and you will die or things like that its plain annoying. Doing that will result in either a strike or taken down the spam.

·Okay so Three Strikes and you are banned for a week on here. If you are merciful and since I have a heart I will give you a second chance.

·Your OC can be a human, mermaid, goblin, troll, or a Witch if you may. And also a fairy. I forgot fairy.
·Things I Forgot To Add: You can't roleplay until you have an approved profile. Of you are a mod you can approve it yourself of your own or I can approve it.

And also, here are some main characters that are available:

Conner Taken by +Rainy Day
Bree Taken by Moi
Mother Goose

And few others. So we are roleplaying the 3rd Year of their arrival into the Land Of Stories! XD Only because I wanna be Bree- We will go back in time to the first arrival when I say so or mods. I have high hopes for this not really and I am pretty excited for this. I will have to create a lotta things for this. and also invite a few people-

To be honest upon further investigation I feel like I'll do better as Alex XD But oh well.- If y'all need to quote the wiki be my guest XD. And dis is a w.i.p.

"Very simple and refined that's how I want to be remembered." "Conner, what are you exactly doing?"

Name- Her full name is Breanne Campbell, although people call her Bree instead of Breanne.

Age- She is 13.

Gender- "I'm a female."

Race- She's a human with magic in her blood.

Likes- She has a fondness for mysteries, preferably murder ones and likes to write short stories. As it might have dawned on Conner, basically as to what people found terrifying, Bree was intrigued. And knowing this both frightened and intrigued him.

Dislikes- I don't necessarily know her dislikes-


"Bree was unlike any girl Conner had ever met. She was always very calm and cool, never raised her voice for anything, and never seemed to let anyone or anything affect her in any way. She had blonde hair with a streak of pink and blue in her bangs. She usually wore bracelets and wristbands by the dozen, always wore a purple beanie, and had an earbud plugged into one ear whenever she could."


Skills/Abilities- In The Grimm Warning, she's shown to be a manipulative liar.


Bio- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Anything Extra? Just put it below this.

mKaY sO. For you people that don't know wat the heck Land Of Stories here is Wiki Thing I had to copy an Paste.

The first book in the series, The Wishing Spellwas released on July 17, 2012.[2]

A year has gone by since Alex and Conner Bailey suffered the tragic loss of their father. Their mother, who is trying to balance her job and her family after her husband's death, is unable to celebrate their twelfth birthday. Instead, the twins' Grandma comes to celebrate. She gives the twins a book of fairy tales they recognize from their childhood, titled "The Land of Stories". Alex keeps it in her room at night and soon discovers a buzzing noise coming from the book. It doesn't take the twins long to realize that the book of fairy tales is real and acts as a portal between both worlds. They meet numerous classic characters including Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood (who's not so little anymore) and new characters including Froggy, Sir Lampton, The Huntress, and Trollbella. However great the twins find the fairy tale world, they realize they need to find a way back to their world. Froggy tells the twins of the Wishing Spell, where magical items are put together to grant one wish. The twins embark on the greatest adventure they've ever been on, traveling across just about every kingdom and encountering villains along the way. They follow the journal of a man who collected the items once before. The book reaches its climax when Alex, Conner, the Evil Queen, the Huntress, Goldilocks, Jack, Queen Red Riding Hood, and the Big Bad Wolf Pack (descendants of the Big Bad Wolf who agreed to kidnap the twins in exchange for Red) as well as Red's army, meet at a hidden palace in the Sleeping Kingdom. Goldilocks and the Huntress battle until Jack fires a cannonball at the Huntress and she is killed. This book also tells the story of Evly, The Evil Queen and her lover Mira. When she was little, she was a very kind and caring girl. Evly stole the Wishing Spell to free her lover Mira from the magic mirror, but he dies in her arms and they are both swallowed up by the mirror. Alex and Conner find themselves trapped in the fairy world, until they learn that their grandmother is the Fairy Godmother, who is capable of making portals between the Otherworld and the Fairy World, and the journal written by a man who had successfully completed the Wishing Spell years before when he fell in love with a woman on Earth belonged to their father. Therefore, Alex and Conner are part fairy. Alex and Conner get back to their mother through a portal made by their grandmother into the Otherworld in the end.

Here is The Official Template.










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Anything Extra? Just put it below this.

-XD Time for a lil pg. Yes I get this is shit but I don't have experience making templates so feel free to add things if you feel like they are missing or lacking. Added liek dis.-
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