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I love this. 

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This is another example of how places that are proactive about cycling are continually working to make things better. 

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South Korea making some progress, although it would be even better with forgiving curbs.
자전거길, Ja-jeon-geo gil
I ran on this road yesterday morning. I see more bicycle lanes at each street. Seoul is getting changed for more leisure and living friendly. What about your town? Do you also have this lane at each road? It is clearly separated by sidewalk, bicycle lane and vehicle lane?

#자전거[ja jeon geo] = bicycle

Morning time of Seoul.
May 2017

#bicyclelane #seoullife #Koreanculture #Koreanlife #exerciseinKorea +ThegreatSpots KangChrisKorea​

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Can wearing a cycle helmet protect a rider from serious injury or death?

And if so, why is there reluctance to make the wearing of helmets law?

Is it time for the law to be reviewed?

Simple question, with not so many simple answers. The Science is there, the numbers DO NOT LIE, but still there are those who stand on different sides of the issue. So my question (and think carefully because I have come across many highly educated people who allow personal bias to cloud issues and insist on one answer when the data proves otherwise) DO BICYCLE HELMETS SAVE LIVES? 

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Great article. It goes on to provide actionable things that we call can do to improve cycling safety on the roads.
"I am now convinced I will eventually die on my bike by getting hit from behind by a distracted driver." -- Jeffrey Oehm, Denver. That may as well have been me talking! I've said many times before that I feel strongly that getting hit by a distracted driver will be the fate of every cyclist who rides on streets an hour or more, several times a week. Naturally, the more one rides, the worse those odds become. :-(((((

Taken from This has got to stop! in this month's +BICYCLING magazine:

#cycling #distracteddriving #sharetheroad


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I am not sure but I think Los Angeles leads the nation in Bicycling Fatalities. If I am wrong please someone correct me. Why do I mention this?
Because I ride a bicycle in this town.
Because I have witnessed two fatalities over the course of 35+ years of riding.
Because I have never seen a driver charged with more than a ticket for killing a cyclist.
Because over the years it has gotten progressively dangerous to be on two wheels and yet with all this Vision Zero Bull SHIT you would think the opposite should be the case.
Because it is about time that we hold people accountable for their actions and this goes for all you latex clad weekend warriors as well.
If you kill someone on a bike or cause them serious injury you should be held accountable. No it's not an accident when you pass them up only to make a sudden right hand turn into their lane causing them to amalgamate their bicycle frame into your car. No it's not an accident when you misjudge their speed and turn left in front of them causing them to crash in order to avoid being struck by your front end.
I have more to add but I am saving it up. 

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The government department that builds roads in Melbourne is apparently building "The Great Wall of Alphington" to keep cyclists out of a suburb... which is really pissing off the cyclists in that same suburb who spent years campaigning to get the bike path built.

Fascinating reading of you are interested in cycling infrastructure. 
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