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Too OP?
《 Q U O T E S 》

"I'm not fond of killing people. Let's make this easy for both yourself and me, alright?"

"What can I say? I'm quite the jokester"

"There's no where to run. . .hide. You can't escape The Endless Winter"

"This. . .Is for Shizuo!"

"Everyone has the potential to become great. That's where practice comes in."

"I hope you know, if I wanted it, this match would be over already!"

魂 | Soul
《 N A M E 》
• The name "Tetsuya" has a mysterious reasoning as to one he was named this. Although Tetsuya is very fond of it, after all, it is his name.

• His middle name "Phoenix" is often interpreted as a middle name, but is his first last name. He just plays along as he lost interest in caring what others thought. The name "Phoenix" is from one clan he was born into, the Phoenix clan.

• Tetsuya's last name which is "Crow" also comes from a clan he was born into.

《 N I C K N A M E 》
Currently, his only notable nickname / title / alias would be the one he gave himself, "The Endless Winter." This name originated while watching a snowstorm during the winter, which seemed like forever.

Sealed Silver. He got this nickname after not being able to use his abilities temporarily because they were sealed off.

The Crimson Crow.

《 W O R L D》
Even if it was another universe, Tetsuya was born and raised on the third planet away from the sun, Earth.

《 R A C E 》
30% Demonic Being

30% Angelic Being

15% Divine Being ( Although he hasn't shown feats that would make him seem divine )

5% Oni

5% Dragon

15% Saiyan
《 S P E C I E S 》
Tetsuya is part Saiyan, human, and various other species.

《 F A M I L Y 》
Father - Yakashi "C R O W" Phoenix

Mother - Killua Zoldyck ( Username )

Brother - Shizuo Phoenix Crow

Sister - N / A

Lover / Spouse - N/A

《 B I R T H P L A C E 》
Tetsuya was born and raised on the third planet from the sun, Earth. Although it was in another timeline, and it is unknown what the city or state was.

《 O C C U P A T I O N 》
At the moment, Tetsuya does not currently have a job. That is, unless you count going to school. Tetsuya, graduating high school far before anyone his age, moved on to go to college which is where he currently goes to school.

《 M E N T A L S T A T U S 》
Tetsuya has a stable mental status along with a kiddish mind. He is very smart when he wants to be. He manipulates information very quickly, meaning he has a relatively fast thought process.

《 S H O R T O R I G I N 》
Tetsuya came to this world after his brother's death. [ W.I.P ]

見た目 | Appearance
《 A G E 》
Tetsuya, being the youngest of the two siblings, is only 15 years old. But he is called "a child prodigy," so he is likely on the road to surpassing his brother Shizuo Phoenix Crow.

《 H E I G H T 》
Tetsuya is about 173 cm tall. This is around the average height a normal 15 year old boy should be.

《 W E I G H T 》
Tetsuya weighs exactly 101.4 lbs. He eats. . .A lot. But since he is constantly fighting or moving around, he stays very skinny.

《 H A I R C O L O R 》
Tetsuya's hair color is naturally white. This is usually the first thing that people look at when they see him. However, after undergoing training his hair shifted colors and became red.

《 H A I R S T Y L E 》
As seen, Tetsuya has Red and spiky hair sticking out in most directions.

《 E Y E C O L O R 》
Tetsuya's eyes are both turquoise, naturally.

《 E Y E S H A P E 》
//Picture Below

《 F A C I A L F E A T U R E S 》
//Picture Below

《 S K I N C O L O R 》
//Picture Below

《 B O D Y B U I L D 》
//Picture Below

《 N O T A B L E F E A T U R E S 》
His spiky red hair usually draws attention to him whenever he is out in public.

興味 | Interests
《 R E S I D E N C E 》
Tetsuya currently lives in the city that his older brother Shizuo founded, The Sun Empire.

Tetsuya actually has no current residence. He usually wanders, although he is capable of creating the best living place the world has ever seen.

《 F A V O R I T E D E S T I N A T I O N 》
Tetsuya loves to be anywhere ancient. Because of this, he has visited the remains of the _Roman Colosseum more than once.

《 F A V O R I T E P E R S O N 》
His favorite person is by far "Albert Einstein" since that was someone who he has always looked up to.

Another person he looks up to is his father. His father, Axel, is a very strong man and one day, Tetsuya hopes to be able to defeat him

《 M A R I T A L S T A T U S 》
Currently, Tetsuya is single. He is a heterosexual male.

《 F A V O R I T E D I S H 》
Tetsuya is very fond of any type of chinese food. Orange chicken, fried rice, chow mein, etc. But he loves all kinds of food.

戦い | Battle
《 W E A P O N R Y 》
Tetsuya rarely uses anything besides a bladed weapon. He prefers swords over anything else.

During the _Downfall v. Tetsuya battle, his reincarnated brother gave him the sword known as "The Dark Soul," which he now possesses.

The sealed Kitsune, which he acquired in episode six of En Doresu Fuyu.

The Hidden Blade is the signature weapon used by the members of the Assassin Brotherhood, used for both stealth assassinations and open melee combat. It consists of a blade which can be discreetly extended or retracted from a mechanism worn on the user's wrist by thrusting it, sometimes utilized in conjunction with a protective bracer.

《 S P E C I A L A B I L I T I E S 》
• Enhanced Swordsmanship
• Master in Taijiustsu
• Ice Make Magic
• Ultimate Freeze
• Ice Manipulation
• Devil Ice Manipulation
• Age Manipulation ( Only his own )
• Enhanced Physical Skills
• Enhanced Senses
• Elemental Manipulation
• Aura Manipulation
• Energy Manipulation
• Tempature Immunity
• Vector Manipulation
• Teleportation
• Demonic Energy Manipulation
• Cosmic Flame Manipulation
• Weapon Summoning
• Singularity
• Absolute Speed ( Currently capable of going light speed )
• Truth Manipulation
• Naruto Verse Abilities ( Gained After absorbing the Narutoverse )
• Bleach Verse Abilities ( Gained After absorbing the Bleachverse )
• Fairy Tail Abilities ( Gained After absorbing the FTverse )
• More with Eye of Rose
• More with Eye of Shi
• Omniverse Destruction
• Absolute Destruction
• Absolute Recreation
• Time Manipulation ( Freeze )

《 W E A K N E S S E S 》
Tetsuya's biggest weakness is that once he has a major goal in mind, he'll do nearly anything to achieve. Sometimes this may put the ones he cares about or even himself in danger.

Another weakness of his is gamma radiation. Yeah. . .the kind The Hulk uses. Although I think that would be a weakness to everyone.

His last weakness would be beings stronger than him.

《 I M M U N I T I E S 》
1 ~ Tetsuya is completely immune to tempature, meaning it could be 0 degrees or 1000, Tetsuya wouldn't feel it.

2 ~ Tetsuya's second immunity would go towards ice. Ice, no matter what the kind, will not harm him.

3 ~ Another immunity of Tetsuya's is poison. Poison has no effect on him whatsoever.

《 P A S S I V E A B I L I T I E S 》
• Super Saiyajin [(Locked First Form )]

• Emperor's Torch Mode [(Locked)]

• The Eye of Rose

• Eye of Shi

• Heavenly Aura Mode [(Locked)]

基準 | Standards
《 A T T I R E 》
Tetsuya usually wears a pull-over hoodie, standard jeans ( Black or Blue ), and the shoes he pulls out of his closet. Although this does change once he begins a battle, which in that case his attire would become the standard Shinigami outfit seen in the anime / manga "Bleach."

《 P E R S O N A L I T Y 》
You'll just have to find out for yourself.

《 F E A R S : 》
He has an extreme fear of needles, which is also called tyranophobia. Other than that, Tetsuya doesn't have many fears.

《 M A I N G O A L 》
Tetsuya, at the moment, has one goal in mind. To defeat Downfall, the man who killed his brother. Athough he never actually met Shizuo, he was still his brother.

To become stronger than his father.

《 L I K E S 》
> Television ( Sports are his main preference ) <

> The Winter <

> Hearing Jokes <

> Comics / Manga <

> Weapons ( Swords ) <

《 D I S L I K E S 》
> Sweating <

> Chapter Books <

> Pain <

> Roller Coasters <

> Annoyances ( Although he usually is one ) <

> Being told what to do <

《 B I O G R A P H Y 》

• As the Tsuna No Unmei series progressed further and further, it was revealed that the main protagonist of that series, Shizuo Phoenix Crow, had met a new villain and had fallen to him. . .permanently.

• Born in an alternate timeline, Tetsuya Phoenix Crow was born in the year of 3039, to the brother of the Shizuo in that timeline. Already learning to use his abilities at a young age, Tetsuya was called a child prodigy. He had never knew his parents or siblings, but he didn't seem to mind. But after a new threat to his city emerged, Tetsuya was sent into this timeline, universe, reality, and day. Hearing what happened to his brother just a few days ago, shook him up for only about half a day, but he quickly recovered from it. The reason being, he was never able to make a close connection towards his family since he had never met them.

[{ Tetsuya P. Crow || Ver. 1.5 || Update 5 }]
Tetsuya Phoenix Crow Ver. 1.5
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Frozen doggy treats
(Cerberus battle)

[]2nd Neutral[]
Jutterbug waltz
Fats Waller

[]2nd Battle[]
Divine hatred
(Devil may cry three battle theme 2)

"I'd prefer not to fight, but since you've pissed me off, I'll happily oblige."

"I sell death, even to god like deities."

[][]Full Name[][]

Manto Franz Grant

[][]XV Warrior Name[][]

The Ironclad Butcher.


Physically 16, actually 69




November 7

[][]Astronomical Sign[][]

[][]Main Status[][]

[][]Relationship Status[][]

A bit greedy, but has a heart of gold. Calm and a bit mischievous, but can be serious at type drop of a hat.


Spell mimicry:
Copies any spell he happens to see.

Instantly step behind or around the side of foes

Flame Whirlwind:
Spin through opponents with abandon, flaming fists outstretched. Utilizes momentum to slam the ground with both fists.

Ironflesh: Iron flesh boosts defense to planetary levels and resilience. Use of this requires caution, as the caster becomes exceedingly heavy
and unable to move freely.

The Deadpool: creates a pool of poisonous, living sludge that devours all enemies.

Toxic mist: creates a short lived cloud of toxic gas.

Chronomage slayer: a technique that stops enemies from using time manipulation.

Dark Hands: mercilessly saps the essence of its victims, and can also double as a special shield. (Embrace the victim and steal their HP. Makes Midas' hands appear to have a blood red aura emanating from them. Can be used in conjunction with Mildred)

[][]Main Weapon(s)[][]

Modified blunderbuss:
Modified to take 12 gauge buckshot.

a triple nunchuck. It's design consists of a black ring that connects to three chains, the chains are sealed into three icy blue rods. The rods have black rings in the center, perpendicular, segmented razor blades that is pointed in three angles at the end. Also, hooked components are pointed at three angles, just like the serated blades. Additionally, the nunchucks emit vapor and fragments of icy chunks when attacking and at certain choices of attacks, the three rods will either split into several rods or project large icy groundspikes and icy shapes, like a sphere.

Giant cleaver (lovingly named Mildred): More a tool for subduing and preparing live catches than an actual weapon. Those who have faced this deadly blade have a deeper sense of how helpless prey must feel. Used as a catalyst for blood absorption.

Demon's claws:
A set of claws from a demon that Midas killed that burns with fiery essence.


Zombie (formally human )


Mercenary, sculptor.




Wears leather.






"None at the moment."


Money, exotic meat, sculpting, blood.


Scams, unpaying costumers, fighting.


Were dark brown, now whitened over.


Ash Grey.


Pictures below


Chaotic neutral


Raised to be a merchant, Midas was born into a clan of traveling merchants, learning how to buy, sell, and trade. He would also learn how to communicate with many different languages, from any vocal languages, to sign language and Morse code. At the age of fourteen, and after an encounter with a sellsword, Midas decided to become a mercenary. Through his travels, he eventually found the ancient ruins of a race of giant slayers. In a locked chamber, Midas found an alter which was in the middle of an occult ritual to create occult weapons to be used against god level entities, but apparently it was botched. Not only did Midas gain the power to go toe to toe with gods, but he was turned into a member of the undead. Now, though he still sells his mercenary skills, he now wraps his face with cloth.
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|The Girl who smelled of strawberries and vanilla. -Character Arc-|

Time: 4:15 P.M.

Weather: Sunny, yet cool.

Location: Paige's Secret Library.

There was the sound of leaves rustling as Paige took a walk through a rather thick forest outside of the limits of Star City, the girl's midnight black hair stuck to the back of her neck and trailed behind her like a flag she walked along the mental trail she had in her head, her ruby red eyes scanned the world around her and the trees creaked and groaned as they moved out of the way, bowing down to the force of nature the girl had resting inside of her. She had a decent haul to carry back to her secret base, one in which she only traveled when she was alone. Teleporting there was always a faster and easier option, but she preferred the 3 hour journey among several miles of deep rainforest and steep mountainous land to reach her destination,a tower high overhead blending in the green treetops completely. She swung her arms twice preparing for a jump and with much power she disappeared among the trees. Leaves,birds,snakes,and vines rushed past her as she made it all the way to the roof of the tower and stepped onto it. Swinging herself into the small open window she entered the dusty old building filled from top to bottom with books. All of them handpicked by Paige,the shelves built and set up by her, she built the entire tower by hand with her father before Sasha, she chose the spot herself. She sighed happily as she inhaled the deep scent of the jungle and dust, as a child she could remember spending weeks even months living here when her and her father were on the run. She loved it, she blew into a lamp ad her father had showed her and watched as the entire room sprang to life with lights and the dust billowed away our the window from the wind. She breezed the tall vast shelves slowly, placing books here and there by her own liking. She clutched her magic book tightly to her chest as she went up to her room to give it a browse. The towers alarm system suddenly started to go off warning of an intruder, Paige jumped as she slid down the stairs meanwhile...

(Open to Everyone.)

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II~ Of Raspberries and Fresh Laundry ~II

II Time: 11:30AM II
II Location: Star City Park II
II Weather: Partial sun and cloud with a light breeze II


"Fuck no...."

A groan and the crude complaint were the first words that left the young lady's lips that morning. She lay sprawled on her bedroom floor surrounded by her blankets. Next to her arm were a notepad, pencil, empty water bottle and her cell phone. Her hands one her face, she tried to block out the radiant streams of sunlight that intruded from the open window. Though her bed was close by, untouched and neat, the reason for Aviana Middleton Hartley's weariness was her own fault, or rather her creative mind. Her notepad had dozens of pages of notes and sketches with she had dreamed of into a story for her to work on. Yet the fact that she had stayed up until 5:00AM getting her ideas out meant her work was hard earned.

Finally reaching out a hand blindly for her phone she read the time. 11:15 PM. She stared at this blinking away tears from a long yawn


She muttered and she got up grumbling as she threw her dirty laundry into a basket, straightening everything out and shutting down her laptop. Outside her window a raven watched her, tilting its head when Aviana's own eyes stared back


About 15 minutes later, Aviana was strolling down the busy streets of Star City. Her hair was brushed back, her clothes fresh and the warm shower had done her wonders. In her hand she gripped a vanilla latte and a bag, inside two croissants baked fresh and still hot from the oven. She looked up at the name of the cafe and decided to keep it in mind. Having only been in the city for about 4 days, Aviana had much to explore of this new place

This morning however, she strolled down the shops and the hotdog carts and into a beautiful park. It was silent with most people in the city at work, school or lounging in their homes. The park was littered with seating areas here and there and Aviana finally set down her morning meal on one of the picnic benches under the trees. They were bare, the autumn chill almost getting through her warm jacket. Rubbing her hands together as she sat down, she placed them on the steaming cup making her instantly warmer. She sniffled as she adjusted herself taking in the scenery, mainly many hues of leaves on the ground. Placing earbuds in her ears and plugging it in she streamed music only she would hear, a mystery to any passerby

Silence. Too silent. She needed to wake herself up she realized after a few bites and sips. Tracing her fingers along the region of grass and flowerbeds, as if by magic, the leaves began to fly in a nonexistent breeze, organizing themselves in color coded piles. It provided a wonderous aesthetic view. With a slightly satisfied smile she dropped her fingers and the leaves fell still in their new places

"Tastes like raspberries and smells like fresh laundry today...."


(One slot open, reshares available, ask first)

~10+ lines preferred
~Decent entrance and grammar please
~Keep things interesting...otherwise I'll be tempted to withdraw
~Battle is fine but there should be development

+The Saiyan God​ Hey. Got the invitation. Thanks

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Profile Template


❝I shall silence Odin, and all shall witness the fall of Valhalla!❞

❝Tch...mere chains cannot simply restrain me! Sure, I allowed Tyr to lock me up, but now..I'm free, and I seek to draw the blood from Odin and his sons, and all who worship him!❞

❝Hmph! I care not for your petty human meals, such as this burger of ham. I only seek to tear mortals and God's flesh by flesh, and consume the meat from their bones!❞

❝Eh? You wish to be my 'friend'? Perfection! Together, we can bring about Ragnarok!❞

❝They say not to bite off more than you can chew. I haven't had that problem yet!❞

❝Do you know how I can find truly any living being easily? It's quite simple!~ I'm able to smell the fear that comes off of their body.❞

❝None can stop me now that Odin is dead! Not my siblings, not Thor, and not even my very own father!❞

❝You know...although Tyr' hand tasted absolutely delicious, there's one sort of meat I highly prefer! And that would be none other than Valkyrie meat!❞

||Theme Songs||

<Main Theme>
▪ Cult To Follow - Murder Melody

<Battle Theme>
▪ Cult To Follow - Leave It All Behind

||Personal Information||

▪ Fenrir

▪ The Unbound
▪ God of Destruction
▪ Immortal Bloodhound

▪ Unknown

▪ Female (Refered as male)

▪ Norse Mythology

<Sexual Orientation>
▪ Homosexual (Has no true preference)

▪ Wolf God, Deity, Norse God, God of Destruction

▪ 5'3"

▪ 109.6 lbs

▪ Fenrir was always known to hunt for food, having practically an endless hunger for she hunted day and night, not caring what time it was. When she was hungry, she searched, and searched...until she found her meal.

▪ However, nowadays, Fenrir can control her hunger, but not her thirst for blood. This leads to her having a violent attitude towards others, no matter whom they may be. She will always snap at those complementing her or joking with her. This was due to the fact that she had a rather small temper that she really couldn't control. Other than this, Fenrir was also a rebellious spirit of sorts, not following any form of order and always causing chaos around her...and death.

▪ 4 - A

<Attack Potency>
▪ Multi-Solar System Level

▪ Massively FTL+

<Lifting Strength>
▪ Unknown

<Striking Strength>
▪ Multi-Solar System Class

▪ Multi-Solar System Level

▪ Very High, Possibly Infinite

▪ Unknown

▪ Above Average

▪ None Notable

<Standard Equipment>
▪ Unknown

▪ Chaotic Evil

<Notable Victories>
▪ None

<Notable Losses>
▪ None

<Inconclusive Matches>
▪ None

||Powers And Abilities||

<Superhuman Physical Characteristics>
Capabilities: User has the body, strength, speed, and health that is greater than that of the average member of a species. In some case users are also able to gain abilities that are supernatural. This includes, but is not limited to, superhumans, aliens, mutants, demons, gods, vampires, werewolves, hybrids, etc.

Supernatural/Absolute Condition: Users will possess incredibly, if not phenomenally high physical/mental condition that surpasses normal beings.
° Supernatural Body Coordination: Possess complete and total control of one's own physical functions.
° Supernatural Cells: Possess super active cells.
° Supernatural Durability: Able to withstand high amounts of damage if injured.
° Supernatural Endurance: Will be able to go for months without the need for sustenance.
° Supernatural Intelligence: Process vasts amounts of knowledge, and operate highly advanced technology.
° Superhuman Invulnerability: Become nearly impervious to all forms of damage or injury.
° Supernatural Regeneration: Will be able to regenerate cells rapidly to the point where users will be able to grow a new heart if the original is ripped out.
° Supernatural Senses: Will be able to smell undetectable odors, see structures at a microscopic level, and other sensory feats.
° Supernatural Speed: Travel at light speed and reach far distances in seconds.
Supernatural Stamina: Operate for long consecutive periods of time without tiring.
° Supernatural Strength: Lift and destroy extremely heavy and durable structures with bare hands.

Capabilities: Users possess an infinite life span, and can shrug off virtually any kind of physical damage. Some users are the defensive type, simply preventing such damage from appearing (invulnerability/protection), while others are the regenerative type, surviving and quickly recovering from anything you throw at them.

Longevity: Characters with this type of Immortality cannot die from natural causes, such as old age or conventional illness, but can be killed by unnatural causes.

Immortality Without Regeneration: Characters with this degree of Immortality can survive a high degree of physical damage, though they cannot regenerate it from either.

Immortality via Godhood or Protection from a Deity: This kind of Immortality is granted by a God - or a similar entity - or is given by virtue of Godhood. Only a being of greater power than the God in question can override it.

<Size Manipulation>
Capabilities: The user has complete control over the size of oneself and others, from tiny to absolutely gigantic while retaining their physical proportions, some may be able to alter their density. Usually strength and durability is proportional to the size assumed, but users may actually gain increased abilities when growing or keep their normal ones when shrinking.

Enhanced/Supernatural/Absolute Condition - exact powers depending whether one shrinks or grows.
Size Enhancement
° Limb Expansion
° Limb Extension
° Muscle Mass Enhancement
Size Reduction

<Rune Magic>
Capabilities: User can formulate symbols that can cause special events to occur, depending on the symbol that empowers the user, they can achieve a variety of abilities. With a great number of symbols that can be turned to magic, the user can do almost anything.

Seal Creation

<Statistics Amplifications>
Capabilities: The user can enhance the powers of themselves or others' so that they can reach high level mastery and control instantaneously, even reach a level of power that is usually beyond their limits alone. Users cannot steal or give power, only enhance the ones their targets already have.

Ability Mastering
Quality Enhancement
Self-Power Augmentation

<Life-Force Absorption>
Capabilities: The user can absorb life-force/energy, vitality and health, while removing it from the source, into their body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing themselves, gaining the drained power, using it as power source etc., either temporarily or permanently. As many superpowers are derived from life force, user may be able to absorb them from the targets. Any attacks derived from superpowers are also vulnerable to such abilities, as the energy and matter produced contains the user's life force, which can be drained and rendering the attack useless. Extended drain may result in extended or permanent effects, or even death.

Age Absorption
Assimilation Shield
Death Inducement
Life-Force Breath
Life-Force Empowerment
Life-Force Transferal
Power Absorption
Regenerative Healing Factor

||Additional Information||

▪ None (Yet)

▪ Loki

▪ Angrboða

▪ Hel (Sister)
▪ Jormungand (Brother)

▪ Odin

+Altair D. Tsubasa​​​​​​​​

▪ Eating meat
▪ Killing God's and/or mortals
▪ Being free
▪ Living without law
▪ The end of Gods
▪ Seeing a God's blood being spilled

▪ Being locked up
▪ Being inferior to others
▪ Not being able to consume any food
▪ A world full of order
▪ Peace amongst all
▪ Unable to kill a God with their own hands

▪ Mortals must rely on the wisdom of the Gods, but never forget they are fallible. They can be petty, churlish, and worst of all, wrong. What are the consequences for their mistakes? They should have slain the wolf-beast Fenrir, but they chose instead to bind him. Despite the warnings and prophecies he would tear Odin apart at Ragnorok and devour the earth and sky, they did not end Loki's son. Now, terror roams free. It is unknown how, but Fenrir is Unbound.

▪ Thrice they tried to bind him, each time convincing Fenrir that the chains were nothing more than a challenge for his strength, a test to see if he could shatter them. The first two God-forged fetters were easily broken beneath the beast’s terrible power, but the third was a ribbon, dwarf made, and Fenrir grew suspicious of the God’s intentions. As a show of faith, he demanded one of them place a hand in his mouth, and if the ribbon proved magical in nature, he would exact punishment. Brave, if foolish, Tyr put his fist in Fenrir’s maw as the ribbon was secured to the wolf’s leg. Fenrir strained and screamed, but could not break free, and in rage, he devoured Tyr’s hand.

▪ For a time, Fenrir was forgotten, the dire prophecy just a memory. But they were all warned and the Gods did nothing. Fenrir is hungry now, the first hunter, an alpha among sheep, but no flesh will satisfy his need. It is revenge he craves, and now he is Unbound.

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OC re-upload

You get stronger everyday!


Full birth name: cannon tamura

Pronunciation: cannon Tuh-moo-ra

Meaning of this name: Nothing actually, just lazy parents who like cannons

Nicknames: canon

Aliases: The crazy redhead

Birth date: Unknown

Gender: male

Physical age: 19

Mental age: 19

How old do they look?: 15

Mortality: avearage

Species/race: human

Ethnicity: Hispanic-asian

Nationality: Portuguese

World (timeset, universe, …): earth (main one)

Sexual orientation: straight


Body type: normal

Height: 5'9

Weight: unknown (he eats a lot everyday)

General body health: fine

Body cleanliness: average

Why?: He usually falls to wet places

Diseases/illnesses: none

Medical history: none

Broken bones: none

Illnesses: none

Form of the body (humanoid, canine, …): humanoid

Body build: gaunt

Posture: good

Gestures: gesticulation

Muscle: Not much

Fat: not really

Skin colour: tan

Skin texture: smooth

Markings/patterns: there is an omega symbol in his left forearm

Marking/pattern colour: Yellow, it changes within each form from red, to blue, to green, to purple

Freckles/spots: none

Body hair colour: red

Scars: at the forearm with the symbol

Tattoos: none

Piercings/earrings: none

Birthmarks: at the left foot

Other body modifications: there is an enhancement spell inside his body

Blood type: A

Blood colour/feature(s): red

Scent/body smell: dusty attics

Other unusual body features: his eyebrow colour changes at extremely rare times

ċʟօtɦɨռɢ aռɖ aċċɛssօʀɨɛs

Preferred casual clothing: T shirt and short pants as well as slippers

Preferred formal clothing: archaeologist vest, carbon gloves, traveller's jacket, combat boots

Preferred fighting clothing: Archaeologist vest, carbon gloves, traveller's jacket, combat boots

ɨռ-ɖɛքtɦ քɛʀsօռaʟɨtʏ

Personality: energetic, friendly, optimistic, lively and contributing

Fears: that he would eventually end up running towards danger

Phobias: claustrophobic

Hobbies: Fighting, sailing and looking for adventure

Dreams: To find out what happened to his parents

Job: strategist

Bio: raised to become a skilled mage when he grew up, canon was exiled from his home and country for that matter because reasons that cannot be explained normally, after six years of hellish training, he returns as a laverte hurdle user and hopes to find out what happened to his parents who were presumed dead by the magical council

ʄaʍɨʟʏ & ʄʀɨɛռɖs

Parents: Saisho and Lisenbergn Tamura

Siblings: none

Extended family: none

Best friend(s): Anyone

Friend: Anyone

Martial status: none

Children: none

sҡɨʟʟs aռɖ aɮɨʟɨtɨɛs

Magic types: Enhancement magic

Magical abilities:
Omega strike
Canon extends his left arm to let energy flow through his body as it's all absorbed into his right fist and it's launched with a groundbreaking burst of hot steam, the fist itself can send high shielded opponents halfway across the world, that is if they are human.

Omega fist, Dragon hurdle
Similar to omega strike except this one only gathers enough energy to break through and destroy alien armour.

Omega fist, titanic hurdle
Energy flows through canon's left hand and energy from all around any areas (wether ther is or no space and time) and releases enough energy to blow up a city (cannot be used twice a month or his body will explode automatically)

Omega fist, double, triple, multiple hurdle
This attack allows his hands to move as fast as the wind goes and is enough to leave expert human fighters with all the broken bones in their body, only works when there is a storm or in a snowy area

Galactic fist, Supreme hurdle
For this move, cannon uses his left fist to attack and this can break even the most ancient spells in human history, making it deadly enough to destroy a dozen countries (this will not work unless he has transformed into light mode, which has deity levels of power but will not affect beings like saiyans or Venuils)

Ungodly move, deity clash buster
This attack will destroy even the most powerful of monsters, simply anyone. However, this attack will also start tearing the user's soul apart if missed so cannon does not use it. Unfortunately.

Omega burst fist
Cannon's hand starts glowing until it starts to look like it's covered in hot blue lava and this can destroy magic barriers

Light mode
This allows him to evolve and floods his body with extremely deadly amounts of energy, making it harder for his opponents to touch him if they cannot keep up with his speed, though this only works when he has extremely large amounts of energy and cannot be in an injured condition.

Titanic fist, Blast...breaker...Hurdle!!
This move can repel or counter any kind of blast that is not strong enough to destroy a continent but enough for two cities, cannon needs a tremendous amount of energy to be able to use it

Nonmagical abilities: he is skilled with his bare hands as he is also a martial artist, and he also has ADHD, that makes him very hyperactive once he starts trying to calm down, he gets bored

Skills: Judo, kendo, taichi, kenpo

Weapons: hands are enough

Passives: what?



Theme song:

Favorite animal: none

Favorite color: yellow

Favorite time of day: any time

Favorite holiday: none

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New Profile :

☫⎯⎯⎯⎊⎰ Senshi IDKa ⎱⎊⎯⎯⎯☫


// Summary :\\
Senshi is a Mage with one goal in mind. To become the strongest Mage ever! He wants to be known throughout the world by everyone.

// Quotes :\\
"My only choice is to become stronger. Because if I don't others will. . .and I won't be able to protect the ones I care about."

"I've become the person I am today by accepting my weaknesses. Now it's your turn."

"I'm hungry! Got any food?!"

"I'm bored. . ."

// Titles :\\
N / A

// Name :\\
This boy's name is Senshi IDKa. With a little research, he found that his first name means "Warrior." His last name, IDKa, comes from the family that he's in.

// Nicknames :\\
N / A

// Other Names :\\
Senshi's real name is Sora IDKa. He covers that up because he doesn't want anyone attacking the ones he cares about. He thinks this will help a bit more.

// Origin :\\
Currently, Sora belongs to no specific Canon verse. This could possibly change in a near or distant future however.

// Race :\\
Actually, Sora is not human. He is actually the reincarnation of an ancient God, Mykos. Although he remembers nothing from his previous life as a God.

// Age :\\
Being the reincarnation of a God, Sora is 4,783 years old. But if we were to look at his age since becoming a human, then his age would be 13 years old.

// Mental Age :\\
You come to learn a lot when you are alive for nearly 5,000 years. And you're a God. But Senshi rembers none of that. So he would have around an average thirteen year old's mindset and intellect.

// Physical Age :\\
By looking at him, you could probably tell that he's around thirteen years old. Although he is a few inches shorter than the average thirteen year old boy.

// Sexual Orientation :\\
Senshi is into women and only women, making him what's known as "Heterosexual." Or more commonly known as "straight."

// Blood Type :\\

// Nationality :\\
Senshi is 75% American and 25% Japanese. He does show both sides though

// Laterality :\\
Senshi has no dominant hand. He is ambidextrous, meaning he can use both hand equally.

// Weight :\\
91 lbs

// Height :\\
4 Foot 7 Inches ( 4'7" )

// Fears :\\
Coulrophobia - Fear of clowns
Senshi has a pretty extreme fear of clowns. He will not associate with them at all.

Fear of losing his loved ones

// Likes :\\
Senshi is a very lazy person, so he enjoys eating, sleeping, and relaxing. He usually spends most of his days doing at least one of these three things.

// Dislikes :\\
He hates various things such as clowns, disgusting food, and losing. Although he tries to be polite and not show these things.

// Personality :\\
Senshi, or Sora, is a very lazy person that spends most of his day doing nothing. He won't stand for seeing someone he cares about get hurt. He tries his best to get along with everyone and usually doesn't realize when he's being picked on.

*// Occupation :\\"
Senshi is a Mage in training. He attends "The Magic's Art Academy."

// Interests :\\
Senshi enjoys cooking and being with others very much. Since he wants to eventually become the strongest mage, he also likes training and fighting.

// Hobbies :\\





// Overall Appearance :\\
[ Pictures Below ]
Senshi is a short thirteen year old boy with blue hair and blue eyes. He usually has his hair tied into one long braid that goes down to his lower back. Senshi wears bandages wrapped around his chest covered up by a small vest.

// Physical Deformities :\\
None unless you count being shorter than everyone else as a physical deformity.

// Voice type :\\
Senshi has a semi - high pitched voice. It is not too high, but it's fairly.

// Hair color :\\

// Hair type \\
[ Picture Below ]

// Eye color :\\
[ Picture Below ]

// Lip Color :\\
[ Picture Below ]

// Skin Color :\\
[ Picture Below ]

// Clothing :\\
[ Picture Below ]

// Build :\\
[ Picture Below ]


// Tier :\\
His current tier is 6 - A max.

6-A : Characters who are capable of destroying a continent or harming someone with continent level durability.

// Skills :\\
• Ranged Fighting

// Armors :\\
N / A

// Abilities :\\

Enhanced Senses

Enhanced Physical Capabilities

Illusion Casting
[[• Wasure Rareta Fantomu •]]

A magic developed over a thousand years ago, during the 3rd Great Holy War. Senshi learned from a few books that he stole. He is still a mage in training and has a long way to go.

[ Fire Type Spells ]

[ Water Type Spells ]

[ Earth Type Spells ]

[ Air Type Spells ]

[ Ice Type Spells ]

[ Dark Type Spells ]

[ Light Type Spells ]

[ Electricity Type Spells ]

[ Healing Type Spells ]

[ Enchantment Type Spells ]

((//Advanced Type\\))

[ Gravitational Type Spells ( Locked )]

[ Creation Type Spells ( Locked )]
[ Destruction Type Spells ( Locked )]

[ Unknown ]

// Weaknesses :\\
• He can be tricked fairly easily, due to his young age and ignorance.

• Senshi does not know how to completely use his abilities.

• Once he sets his mind to something, he'll do nearly anything to achieve it.

• He isn't very effective in Hand to Hand or up close fighting.

// Current gear :\\
Enchantment Books : He keeps two books full of Spells in a pocket dimension.

Magic Carpet : Just like in every magician movie, he has a magical flying carpet.

// Current Weapons :\\
Staff Of Purgatory : The Staff of Purgatory, along with the other three Endo Buki, was forged thousands of years ago. They were then enchanted with magic, which helped the Mages to win the The 3rd Great Holy War. These four weapons were later scattered across the world. Senshi was the first one to find one.


// Striking Strength :\\
Class KJ: (Physical Strikes are Street level to Wall level attacks.)

// Lifting Strengths :\\
Peak human: 227 to 454 kg (Olympic weight-lifters)

[( W/ Enhancements )]Class TJ: (Physical Strikes are high end Multi-City Block level to Large Town level. Punches comparable to low end nukes)

[( W/ Enchantments )]Class 10: 5000 to 10^4 kg (The mass of an adult elephant)

// Attack Potency :\\
6 - A : Continental Buster

// Intelligence :\\
When it comes to learning magic, he is gifted.

Gifted: Character that demonstrate high reasoning ability, can master concepts with few repetitions, and display high performance capability in intellectual, creative, or specific academic fields.

When it comes to academics, that's different. He has an average intelligence.

// Durability :\\
Matching his attack Potency, Senshi can take an attack that can destroy a continent.

// Stamina :\\
Senshi is capable of fighting for one week straight, before tiring.

// Speed :\\
High Hypersonic+ : Mach 50 - 100


// Person of Romantic Interest :\\
George Lopez. No homo.
Senshi does not currently have a person of romantic interest. He hardly knows any women his age.

// Spouse :\\
N / A

// Status :\\

// Close friends :\\
Hartea - +Kingdom Hartea

Storm - +Størm IDka

N / A

// Friends :\\
N / A

// Nemesis( Rival ) :\\
[( Open )]

// Enemies :\\
Senshi's only current enemy is horrible food.

☬Biographical Info☬

// Main Goal :\\
Senshi's main goal is to become a well known mage throughout the world. He will do so by becoming one of the strongest.

// Biography :\\

[ Life As a God ]
Senshi was once the ancient God who went by the name "Mykos." He stood for balance in the World. But when the Third Great Holy War broke out, this angered various other Gods. Accusing Mykos of not doing his role correctly, he was banished to the realm known as "Realm 0." Mykos stayed there for 700 years. This was the most boring thing anyone could ever do. Realm 0 was a place where the dead went. If you are sent here without actually dying, you stop aging, you needing food, and you stop needing slumber. A living being can only stay here for 700 years at max, so Mykos was released after his time was up.

[ Human Years ]
As if being stuck in a realm of Nothingness wasn't bad enough, once he was released, his divine power was stripped from him. He woke up to find himself in an alley in the middle of the day. His entire body hurt. He somehow had knowledge of the world that he was currently living in. With no money for food, he was forced to become a thief. He was eventually taken in by the IDKa family. Hartea IDKa, Storm IDKa, Hato IDKa, Shiro IDKa, Asi IDKa, and Zabieru IDKa. Although he has never met most of these people.

[ Becoming a Mage ]
Now that he was a human, and had no memory of his previous life, he decided that he needed to become stronger. He chose to learn magic and become a mage. A few months after being self-taught, he enrolled in "The Magic's Art Academy," or *MAA.*He easily became one of the best Mages there. But he got a little too cocky and decided to challenge the head master. Senshi was complete buttfucked afterwards. With that, he knew he still had ways to go.

[ HUGE W. I. P ]
Senshi "Sora" IDKa
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