I put a pattern on my next book tablet put for got how I did it .Dose anybody no how I can on lock it.

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I just got this Nextbook Ares 8 and after some searching foUnd a way to add TWRP recovery. Once that was installed via ADB and Ubuntu, I finally flashed SuperSu. There is also a command and accompanying files to keep forced encryption off the device. With only 1GB of RAM, getting rid of the encryption helps a lot.
I made a video to the the files needed and the right flash procedure in case any of you want to do this as well.

mi cámara no me da imagen cómo le hagopara instalarla

Ubuntu or windows?

Anybody running an Ares 11?

How can rooting be done with a tablet?

Hi!  Jose here! Glad I saw and joined this community!!!  

I have a NextBook 8" NX008HD8G.

BTW, anyone with an 8" that has found a case for it????
I have been searching online and wherever i go for a carrier for my tablet, but ive run into everything for 7" and a 9" and most is not all dont quite work for me.  (I would like one with a hard shell (or something more than a cloth/plastic shell, and preferably one with a keyboard that you can get with just about every other tablet/case combo!  This has caused me great annoyance and displeasure.  Store/Website?
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