i step out, blinking slightly in the harsher light during one of the few times they actually let us use the yard. I glance back, before walking carefully across it, watching those guards carefully

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N A M E File located. Subject Omega, refers to herself as Rowan..

A G E File located. Subject has been in custody for ten years, assumed to be around 17.

G E N D E R File located. Female.

A B I L I T I E S File located. When exposed to a contained outer environment subject was able to survive for a total of seven months without assistance of any kind. Subject has much higher levels of strength and endurance along with the intelligence needed to survive on her own. Human emotions such as stress, pain, and fear mostly absent. Highly skilled and dangerous in hand to hand combat as well as with weapons.

P E R S O N A L I T Y File located. Unpredictable and beyond control. Highly dangerous, do not approach alone.

B I O G R A P H Y File not found.
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Subject S-01-X was sitting on her bed in her special cell away from the other subjects. It got so lonely and she was jealous of every outside my door. One day they took you out of your cell and they told you they were going to move you to a different cell. They opened the triple copper plated door and pushed you into my cell ((open to girl characters only, if your character is a guy he's most likely going to die))

I knock on the door of one of the subjects
(open rp)


I sit up carefully in my cell, though, perhaps not carefully enough, as the cut on my back re-opens. I pause, pulling my thoughts away fro the warm liquid now trailing down my back to glance around the room...nothing new, as always. I shift to avoid the spindles of ice the climb along the walls and ceiling, walking along the length of the cell

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Subject Name: S-01-X
Subject Class: Keter ((meaning dangerous))
Special Containment Procedure: Subject S-01-X needs to be keeps in a room with thick lead walls that it blocks Radio waves and monitored through a one way window. When being retrieved for experiments, a woman is sent into the room to retrieve Subject S-01-X.
Age: 17
Abilities: Subject S-01-X can use Radio waves to disorient or kill her target.
Gender: Subject S-01-X is Female
Personality: Subject S-01-X spends about an hour a day sitting in a some part of her containment room, different place each day, crying about something. Subject S-01-X shows extreme hostility towards men. Subject will attack men without hesitation. Use tranquilizer during attacks but will say something vulgar as the Tranquilizer takes effect. For Example, "keep your d*** d**k in your pants you filthy men." Men should not approach the subject.

*((I set it up like a SCP and mixed it with the template))*

I should have posted this earlier, but whatever.
Okay, so basic layout.  The building is circular.  Less risky "subjects" are places on the outer ring, more dangerous ones in the center.  Control rooms line the outer walls and there is one at the start of each hall.

Cells are a square room, simple, featuring a bed, mattress, and sheets.  There is also a small bathroom, to avoid any cleanliness issues, including a simple toilet, sink, and shower.  Each is carefully fastened to its base, and the top of the toilet is sealed to avoid any chance of the insides being used as a weapon

Kanti rocks back and forth in a corner of her dark cell, muttering incoherently.. No... I'm normal... Let me go... Don't hurt me, please... Her strange eyes flit around the room nervously, and tears leak from her eyes. (Open)

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Name: File located. Project Kanti. Number 583667
Age: File located. Approximately 2 years. Body 14 years.
Abilities: File located. Can speak other languages, including animal, will occasionally weave song-spells. Spells are an odd form of singing in unknown language. Spells manipulate human emotions.
Gender: File located. Body female. Genetic mutation formed, hair and eye color cells mutated. One green, one red eye. White hair.
Personality: File located. Shows shy, fearful behavior. Will sometimes loose control and attack, shows memory loss after attacks. Use tranquilizer during attacks. Do not approach subject. Mentally unstable.
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Name: File opened Gonwa Vid

Age: File opened 17

Job: File opened Scientist/Control agent

Abilities: File opened Gonwa Vid, a hired employee has the ability to make plants out of thin air and control them, but since she has power over this, she uses to control the patients.

Personality: File opened Because of her job, she is required to act vicious and empowering towards the patients, but she is mainly a nice person. Please note: She has a tendency to go soft on patients

Bio: File opened She was a candidate for being a subject, but with full control of her powers and since magical filling jobs were needed, she was promoted to staff.
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