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Audition dates are a week tomorrow -- Wednesday evenings Jan 29th and Feb 5th! #Ottawa area award-winning choir seeks Tenors, Basses and Altos. Please email Holly at to set up your audition. The audition process is painless:) 10 minutes of collegial crooning to find your range and style and see if you fit the Stairwell Caroller sound. Email me today to book you in.
Holly :)

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Reminder re Sunday's Trad Song Session in the upstairs parlour of the Barley Mow, starting at 2 p.m.

        Sunday 16 June  2 p.m.

               The Barley Mow
                Upstairs Parlour
                79 Little Bridge Street
The session follows the tradition of people gathering in a local pub to sing and play for their own pleasure. We emphasize simple traditional songs with choruses such as sea shanties and old gospel tunes that make it easy for everyone to sing along. The stronger singers lead and sing the verses, and anyone can join in on the choruses. 
To lead a song, you should pretty much know it by heart and the first couple of rounds are reserved for those who have something prepared.  Later on, if there is time, we will entertain requests. Most of our songs come from the British Isles and North America but we welcome songs from other traditions as well contemporary classics that follow the traditional idiom.

You are welcome to bring anything that you'd like to sing.  This month, for those who prefer some guidance, any song that contains any of the words,  “June”, “Summer” or “Love” or refers in some way to these.  Bonus points to anyone who brings one with all three!  :-)

For more information about the session, including a brief discussion of what makes a song "traditional", see or call David (613) 355-5552 .

Evening you ,all ,,, glad to be here,, B & L,,

Hi Almonte! One of my favorite towns.

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Next Speakeasy concert at Cedar Hill Schoolhouse is Sunday 25 June with the Ragged Flowers. See poster attached.

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Found some nice birdhouses at Gilligalou Bird a couple of weekends ago. Great store.

Good move, setting this up, David
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