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A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep. Welcome to Night Vale.  

This is an rp community for the town of Night Vale. Recently having enlarged in size after taking in the town of Desert Bluffs, it's home to some pretty strange characters.  


1. Figured I should start with this. For the sake of confusion (and the Sheriff's Secret Police watchful eye. Just the one they all share), no being cannon characters. However, you may use them in your rps. Like having Cecil on the radio, helping Carlos. Interacting with the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home, etc. (Only exception I'd in the non cannon section of the community)  

2. Please make a profile and have it approved before beginning roleplay  

3. Let's keep intimate moments intimate (i.e. private)  

4. You can have up to three profiles  

5. Here's the template  




Sex (gender, sexual preferences, and romantic preferences optional)  

Home town: Night Vale, Desert Bluffs, Tiny nation under the fifth lane at the desert flower bowling alley and arcade fun complex, Desert other world, or outsider  

Religion: Glow Cloud (all hail), blood stone, or smiling god  Personality  

Picture or appearance decription

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Name: Jerold Farwell

Age: I'm in my early twenties. Now that I think about it I have been in my twenties for a long time. A really really long time.

Species: To be honest I'm not sure. I think I'm human but everything keeps changing. Sometimes I look one way. Sometimes another. Some sort of Shapeshifter maybe. I think this has something to do with these weird markings all over me

Sex: I like to think of myself as a male. Most of the time that's the case. Occasionally I'm a Dark mass of etherial energy, but who isn't sometimes.

Home town: One rainy night I just sort of found myself in Night Vale. I don't remember ever living anywhere else, so I guess this is my Home.

Religion: Daily chanting around your bloodstone circle is a- ALLHAILTHEGLOWCLOUD _

_Personality: I see myself a calm person if not occasionally passive aggressive.

Picture or appearance description
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soooo, I know this community is mostly inactive, but I figured i'd write a starter and just see if anyone responded because why the heck not.

please be descriptive, and I may swear, so if that offends you, please let me know :3

"And THIS, is the clock tower. We base all of our time off of that, so make sure when you're timing an experiment you- oh. Well, it's moved. I'm sure we'll find it again some time."
The tall woman in a white lab coat said. Sebastian was interning at the weather center, and she had been showing him the ropes for the most part. She looked to be of asian heritage, and was a full head taller than her intern.
"Mm.. I see."
Sebastian responded, scribbling down something in his notebook with a fine point felt marker, then flipping it closed and shoving it into his lab coat pocket. He wasn't sure why lab coats were necessary when they were just looking at a clock which wasn't there anymore, but the lead weather station scientists said so, so he listened to them.
Sebastian was of a slight build, with silvery violet eyes and very pale blonde hair. He burned in the sun quite easily, which was unfortunate when living in night vale. For the most part, he stayed inside his apartment or at the weather station, as wander the streets in daylight caused only unpleasant things. The evening was rolling around, a low sun casting long shadows, so he signed himself out and began heading home. On a whim, he stopped by one of those run down coffee shops, the ones with totally legal gluten free bagels and such. He sat down at a booth, ordering a cup of tea and a totally legal gluten free bagel, and watched the sun set into a hazy evening.
He was just about to sleep into absent detached thought- when the double doors opened, the bell dinging above it.
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"I've never understood why people fear dying. It's much less effort than living."

Singing absently "Blue eyes, like the atlantic and i'm going down... Like the titanic~ WHa?? I didn't see you there, i'm so sorry. Eheh..."

"I've always liked the dark, and the light. And early mornings, late evenings. Rainy days, sunny days, coffee, tea- I just like... Feeling sure that i'm alive."

Name?: "My names Sebastian..."
Do you have a last name?
"No thank you, but thanks for offering though."
Hmm... Alright then.

Age?: "69."
Oh stop it. You're better then that.
"Mm... No- i'm really not. Haha~"
Ok, if you won't say it- I will. He doesn't know his age. And he's embarrassed.
"I'm not embarrassed! And I think i'm somewhere between seventeen and twenty..."
That's sort of a big range. No?
"I'm sorry, ok? I just- Don't know..."
Fine.. We'll move on.

Species? Oh lordy... Here we go.:
No. You're not, just explain to them... It's complicated enough.
"You're no fun.. My papa used to say that mum was an angel... But that's not true, because it's not legal to believe in angels. We didn't live here back then though, and I think he meant a different sort of angel.. Like, the dead sort."
That's not what I meant. You didn't have to say that.
"Oh. Oops."
You knew exactly what I meant.
"Yeahhhh.. I'm mostly human, but I have little horns. Mrs. Josie says they're cute!"
And what does that mean?
"That I might be slightly UN-human."
There ya go.

Alright. Gender?:
inhales "Boiiiiiiiiii."
That was unnecessary.
"YOU'RE unnecessary."
Oh hush, we're moving on.

Sexual preference?:
"Isn't that sort of.. MY business?"
"Well- I just sort of like- being loved. I don't really care who..."
So you're.... Pansexual?
"Noooo, silly. that's for cooking. I do like cooking though... But I don't LIKE cooking."
I'm writing down pan. And you're going to deal with it.

"I live by myself in a nice little brown stone apartment. In night vale. It's got a nice view of... Sand."
For once, a straight forward answer.
you're problematic... You know that?

"I don't really do that..."
But if you had to choose one?
What was that??
"What was what?"
Nothing I guess...

~End of le interview. Into the background and such.~

Personality.: Sebastian is a softy, a lover, a cuddly little thing, and an aspiring scientist. He would never admit it, but every single day when he goes home from work, he watches noon time soap operas and sobs into a pillow. He's just an emotional little bean really...

Bio: Seb was born outside of night vale, his mother died of ovarian cancer when he was three years old, and when he was twelve, his father put him on a bus to boarding school. Something must've gone very wrong... Because it didn't go to boarding school, it wasn't a bus, ad it went to the town of night vale. He's lived there ever since.

Occupation: He's an interning scientist at the local weather center. In his free time, he likes to cook pancakes, sing show tunes, and go for long evening walks.

~End of le profile~
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Hello~ I'm new to this community, but not to night vale, or rp in general. I was just wondering, are we aloud to rp as canon characters? Such as Carlos, cecil, etc?

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here is a pic of Nakito

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Hey, everyone! Just wanted to let you know, I changed Destri a bit. Here's the new photo!

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Name: Destri (Last name unknown)
Species: Not really known, either. They're not human, so that much is known.
Religion: Does not believe in a Smiling God, or any other Gods. However, they appear to be friends with all of the Erikas and are working to try and tell people that they are, in fact, Angels (Which is hard because people don't believe in them.).
Age: Supposedly 18.
Sexuality: Prefers males, but any gender is okay.
Gender: Neither boy, nor girl. Just goes by they/them pronouns
Hometown: Formerly Radon Canyon, now Night Vale.
Biography: Not much is really known about Destri. They just came out of the flashing cave in Radon Canyon that no-one is supposed to talk about, wings beating as he flashed a small fanged smile. They're very friendly, though, and can make friends easily. They're thinking about an internship at the Night Vale Community Radio Station for later on in life, since Night Vale seems to be the most accepting of his bits of glowing purple skin and black/purple wings.

Destri laid on the edge of Radon Canyon, smiling to himself as he looked up at the stars. They swung their feet over the edge of the steep cliff as they laid against the soft sand of the desert. They had just applied for an internship at the Night Vale Community Radio station. They didn't hear much about the job, but that didn't stop them from trying. Besides, most of the interns had probably been totally human, and they were obviously not. Destri didn't move to get up, even if they could hear someone approaching them. . .

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((I made the pics))
Name: Nakito Koyuarto

Religion: well, we know he doesn't believe in the smiling god, and that he definitely believes the Erikas (or Erickas) are real.  We also know he believes in an outsider's religion... Not sure which one....  He is also associated very closely with the blood stone group and has definitely been seen making a friendly symbol to the Glow cloud....

Gender: male (we are 99.9 percent sure about this, we don't know what species he is so we aren't sure)
Species: Don't know.  He shape shifts and in some forms has wings like Erickas.

Hometown: Tiny nation under the fifth lane at the desert flower bowling alley and arcade fun complex, or an outsider.

Personality: tries to be a kind and happy, but he can be moody and is commonly slightly depressed.

Bio: Has a dark past that he doesn't like to talk about.  He is known to be very friendly and has few known friends.
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