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Can I use "Export Tasks" to only export certain subtasks by position?
For example:
The class of subtask is:
I want to only export every single 3th class data(1.1.1&2.1.1&3.1.1....)


= Help Request: Lost Preferences =
Apologies in advance if this question has already been addressed elsewhere in this group or in the TDL documentation.

I am a new TDL user, and I very much appreciate the ease of use and rich feature set in this application. In fact, after years of evaluating countless PIM and task management apps, TDL is the very best solution I've found.

However, I've run into a recurring problem now of losing virtually ALL of my default preference settings when I close and reopen the application. This has happened twice now, and I am mystified by why these settings aren't "holding".

> Is there an obvious or common cause for this problem that I might be missing?

> Could the problem be caused by running the app from within Dropbox? (FYI, the problem occurs regardless of whether I open TDL on the same computer where the preferences were originally set or on another different computer.)

Any help or feedback you can provide would be genuinely appreciated.

Please subscribe to the Google Groups Support forum for continued updates. This group may be closing and Dan will provide all updates there. Thanks.

Tip: Check out the new Time Tracker. Click the timer icon as usual. A new dialog opens so you can see current timing. Switch tasks there.

If you create a new task, it doesn't immediately appear in the tracker dialog. Ctrl-S to save your tasklist, then Ctrl-R to reload. That updates the tracker!

Check out the new Time Tracking options under Preferences. There's an option to remind you that you're time tracking... that sure helps to reduce the "oops, I forgot to turn off the clock" situations. :)

Want to know more about all of those Prefereces? Click the (?) icon at the bottom of any form and it will take you to a relevant page.

Have fun!

#ToDoList v7.1 is now available for your #TaskManagement pleasure!

Dan has put a huge amount of effort into this release and there are a lot of enhancements and fixes. Sincere thanks to Dan for his time, patience, and careful consideration of change requests.

Update via menu>Help and check out the long list of changes:

Thanks also to everyone who reported issues, offered suggestions, tested changes, and provided feedback to help make this a great release through all of the Alpha, Beta, and Release Candidate revisions. This is what drives ToDoList and everyone is welcome to participate in this process.

Special thanks to those who worked on the new language translations to help keep this fine software current for a global audience.

For those who were not following with the development releases, many changes may be confusing. Take some time to get familiar with the new features. Make use of the new Wiki resources - most dialogs now include a (?) icon that links to a relevant help page. Ask questions here or in the other groups available. See links under menu>Help to "Feedback and Support" (Google Groups), Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can also post quick suggestions for Wiki updates to the Wiki Suggestion Box:

7.1RC3 has been published. One step closer to production....

v7.1 RC2 is now available. Need I say more? :)

Dan has published ToDoList v7.1RC1 : This is a Release Candidate available from your 7.1-Beta menu>Help>Update. It's getting SOOOO close to production! :) Thank you everyone for all of the Likes, +1s, and Google Groups exchanges. ( You're helping to keep morale up and the quality of this awesome software high.

If you have a system that does not have ToDoList yet, we encourage you to install and run this latest version. This is a candidate for release, and if this release has an issue, your new 7.1 update might have that same issue. So Please check it out and report anything of interest Before 7.1 goes production. Thanks!!

v7.1B4 is available. Update within the app. Fewer changes - getting closer to production! Enjoy!
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