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Name: Runt
Yo-kai species: ^Undiscovered (Fake)^ Boss <Bear+Boss>
Gender: Male
Gender prefrence: Females
Skill: Sneak attack 50
Uses his charming abilitys to make a hit and run
Element: Ice
Element skill: Freeze up 55
Glares foes down, lowering sleed harshly
Soultimate: Big Bad 190
Attacks all enemies with his henchmen, lowers attack.
Ability: Boss Coverage: When in front, raises adjecent yo kai's Attack greatly, but decreases hp slightly each turn
Bio: Growing up, he was the runt of the family. Little did his family know he would become one of the most feared Yo-kai. After leaving his home, Runt became more involved with crimes, such as theft. His vow is to never kill, because he would never forgive his soul for taking ones life, he doesn't feel the same way about taking their belongings. Once you get to him, he's as cuddly as a teddy bear.
Oh shush, Don't mess with me

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Webster Is Swimming In A Pond But Seems Lonely
Webster: Maybe if I get out of this pond I can make a friend! Webster Soon Gets A Change Of Plan Due To A Roughraff walking by
Roughraff: Ooh this is gonna be good yo! Better keep him inspiriting him!

its break time at school, as you sit sit down you notice one of your friends being extremely aggressive and spacious to another student way more then usual and it gets to the point where he begins roaring g and growling and you suspect a yokai you....
(Anyone wanna do)

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Name: Tyrus
Gender: Male
Tribe: Tough
Soultimate move: Meteor Stream
Crush: None
Bio: 65'000'000 million years ago dinosaurs rules the earth and there was species who rules them all the tyrannosaurus Rex and this particular was extremely aggressive and territorial until their came to a sudden and devastating end, when he died he became a yo-kai and watches how his world changed forever.
Alone he watches how the earth change until modern men appears and he decided to make his move and found out that once he inspirited a human they took on his tyrannical and extremely aggressive nature and so he took on the name tyrus.
He's a big bad yo-kai that's as strong as gargaros and meaner then ruff raff, but for those he finds as friends he's as kind as a ladybug.
(My OC)
Fun fact: Those he inspirited become extremely territorial and could explode with shear unrivaled aggression so don't get near the I spirited, he's come close to being banished to the inferno.

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Name: Red
Species: Frostail
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Powers: fly, freeze

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Thx for letting me join I'm a frostail

Hi thxs for accepting me i love this show and getting the game soon.
So can we be yokai of our very own

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For some reason my old account Webster was deleted.
So I will just make it again!
Name: Webster
Attacks: Rapids Beak Attack
Rank: C
Soultimate: A Duck's Swim (Creates A Huge Wave And Showers it all on his enemies)
Inspirits people to swim.
Personality: Helpful Kind Cute And Of Course Loves Crackers
Tribe: Charming
Gender: Male
Level: 29
Favorite Food: Crackers
Bio: When He Was Alive he was cared for by other wild ducks but one day there was a swimming contestant and he drowned and died. Now he inspirits people to learn how to swim and not die like he did. He thinks that the way he died was so harsh nobody should suffer from that. Legends are heard though when Webster is mad sad or happy Little Or Big Waves Will Surround You While Swimming and you can hear Webster either Cry, Scream Of Anger Or Laugh Is Little Cute Laughs.
This yo-kai is kind of related to the yo-kai Walkappa

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Yo kai watch episode 138. 

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