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No swearing. Dammit or ass sort of words are allowed but not the major ones.
No sex/hentai. Referring to it is fine. Making out and kissing is perfectly fine as well, just if you want to take it to another level, PRIVATE POST
Do not god mod in any way shape or form. God modding meaning that you dodge every single attack maybe, or that you heal really fast, you're immortal (which is also not allowed), that you're not able to be hurt, or stuff like that. You also must lose at least some fights if you do have them. You can't win everything, you win or you lose.
A max of 2 characters is allowed. 
Following these rules will ensure everyone has a good time, so please do. Thank you!

~Isaac Ryder, son of Loki

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Name:Alex Cage
Weapons:Knives and a Staff
Powers:Manipulation,Witch Craft, Shape Shifting
Likes:Honest People and Video Games
Dislikes:Dishonest People and Weird People
Personality:Fun and Strict
Appearance:Bulletproof Vest and Black Tactical Pants also a Black Cloak
Bio:Born to a mother that was nice and caring Alex was always babied until he was fed up with it and left his home. He now roams the street as a wanderer looking for someone who would respect him and let him in their home.

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This good? She's not a wolf in this one
Name: Scarlet Rose

Age: 17

Gender: Female

God parent: Skoll (god of night and the moon)

Powers: Making it night, seeing in the dark, learning my enemy's moves quickly.

Likes: Nighttime, fighting, good people, the forest.

Dislikes: The day, mean people, lectures, cheese.

Personality: Sorta mean when she doesn't know you, but nice one she does.

Weapon: A large sythe.


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Name: Gina
Age: 17
Gender: Girl
God Parent: Thor
Likes: Thunder, Lightning, learning more about how earth works (since she never understood any of it), hammers, hand-to-hand combat
Dislikes: Tricks, anything diceiving, Loki, odd modern things, anything too fancy
Weapon(s): Her own two fists and a Large Sledgehammer  
bio: Although she has been on earth her entire life, nothing ever made any sense to her, except how to fight, so she has practiced different fighting tactics for years.
Powers: Summoning Thunder or Lightning with any kind of hammer, huge leaps and jumps, anything she hits with a hammer gets electrocuted and explodes or shatters.
Looks: Has a lightning bolt and a hammer tattooed on her arm, always wears a glove on one hand.

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Name: Jake Ryder
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: see image
Personality: funny, flirty, dark sometimes, mysterious, an ultimate liar sometimes and of course a trickster. has a quick temper
Likes: girls, pranking people, magic, wolves, friends even though he has little of that, family
Dislikes: pretty much all the gods, idiots, nosey people
Powers: turning into a large jet black wolf, magical powers, power to trick anyone (besides the gods of course)
Bio: dont ask

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