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Update v2.1.7

Cloud Synchronisation

The web application is now generally available. You can test the cloud synchronisation feature 14 days for free.

The new android application update contains several bug fixes and a new language (lithuanian). Thank you!

Thank you for your great feedback and support!

I have just changed my Moto G2 (Marshmallow) with a Moto G5 plus (Nougat). Now I cannot backup to Dropbox anymore...
I have already tried to reinstall the app and I have also revoked the permission on both the app and on Dropbox's web site

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Timesheet Translations

There is now a new translation tool which will enhance a faster rollout of new translations.

It would be great if you can help me to translate Timesheet.
Thank you!

If you want to translate the web application as well, I can provide free access to the web application.

have a few suggestion for your app.

1. From my tests, it seems like multiple automations don't play together nicely. For instance, I have gps and wifi automation for my workplace. I mainly use gps, but wifi is supposed to be for "just in case". So gps 1st toggles timer on and when I get close enough to my wifi, it toggles timer back off. I'm suggesting you to change same automations to compliment each other.

2. If I click any button in menu (Projects, Tasks, Tags, etc.) I would prefer to use back button to return you to initial home screen (Timer). I know this can be part of the design choice, but back button is imo not the button to exit the app, since you can use home button for that.

3. It would be nice to export work times, summed per day.

4. Notification options for when you timer starts would be nice.

5. Some fine tuning options for automations like holdoff before triggering.

Google drive backup into existing folders.


I don't use the google drive backup functionality because it fails to put the files in an existing folder, but just create a new folder (full path) with the exact same name in drive.
Instead I use another app to sync the file TimesheetsBackup.xml (so not the time-coded file) to google drive.
I use the DriveSync to upload this file daily to an existing dir in google drive. DriveSync has a gdrive browser to select the dir, timesheet only a text field. I think this is the critical difference.

I hope this bug can be fixed and user-friendliness improved by adding a file-picker for gdrive in the backup settings.

I'm a faithful professional user for many years. I prefer to use Timesheet for uploading to google drive, since DriveSync is horribly crippled with ads without added functionality in non-add mode.
I would pay for a premium version of timesheet, especially combined with the web version.


I apologize if the suggestions already been made I haven't read through the entire comments on the page. But are there any plans to integrate mileage tracking to task? As a realtor I'd love to be able to track my mileage with my clients. Great product keep up the great work I'll be telling everybody I know about it.

Question, planned backup and recovery to other cloud storage?
(for example OneDrive)

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Update v2.1.4

Cloud Synchronisation Beta

Finally you can test the Cloud Synchronisation Feature.
Become a beta tester and download the new beta application here:

You can also check out the new Timesheet Web Application:

You can use it for free until the end of the year. There may be bugs and styling issues which will get fixed during this beta test.

Please provide feedback to

What's not in the Beta
PDF Invoices
Email/Password Login
File sharing/sync
Export Options

Thank you for the support and feedback!

Hey Florian,

I'd love a feature where you can export all Projects at once but in seperate files. So far I believe only all projects - one file works or each as a single file.

Anyways, Your App is really great!

What about a todo list? It would be great to have this feature in all the projects.
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