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We’ve sent out backer surveys to everyone today, so if you're a backer and you haven’t seen a link to it appear in your email inbox then please check directly on the Kickstarter website. The survey system is a little limited and doesn’t provide a way of having optional fields, so they all require filling in. However if you don’t want to answer the text field questions, just put in ‘no comment’ or ‘n/a’.

The information we get will only be used by us to guide where we focus our efforts in the coming months, and will never be passed on to a 3rd party. Your email address specifically won’t be seen or used by anyone other than Rebel Technology and you will be able to opt out of receiving emails from us should you wish.

We’ve been lucky enough to have a professional web content strategist take some time out to look at the website, and so we’re looking forward to making some improvements here in the near future.

Martin and the team have been working away at cramming all the stretch goals onto a PCB that will fit into a standard size effects pedal, and it’s proving quite the challenge but we should have a new prototype soon.

He and Tom got the opportunity to demo the OWL at the Maker Faire in South London on Saturday and they were surprised at how many people had heard of it already. The demo itself went down very well, and Tom will be posting some photos on our website. In the meantime here is a picture of some makers playing with it. Also check out the Flickr photos from the event, and you’ll understand why it was a privilege to get to attend it.

Makers Faire -
Makers Faire Flickr -


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Thanks to you, we’ve successfully funded at £33,641- amazing. That we hit all of stretch goals means the pedals will do everything we hoped for - yay! The OpenWare Lab programmable effects pedal will start production in the coming months and we’ll get them into your hands as soon as possible.

We’re putting together backers’ surveys this week, and beyond getting your shipping details we’re hoping to understand more about how you want to use the OWL. This will help us define what areas to concentrate on as we improve the website and community areas.

Moving forward in the spirit of Open Source, we have taken a decision to make our accounts open to the public in order to make the process of this project as transparent as possible. We are a small company made up of professionals with day jobs and are driven by a desire to create useful and progressive technology rather than by profit. Opening up the books will allow people to see this and will hopefully engender trust in this enterprise. It should also be a useful source of information should someone else wish to undertake something similar. We’re also secretly hoping that we might get some good advice from interested observers to help us improve.

There is a pre-order page ready to take orders for those who missed the Kickstarter here: We’ll be looking into distribution and commercial retail only once we’ve sent the pedals for our Kickstarter backers.

This won’t be the last update you get from us. We want to keep you informed and involved as we progress, so expect further messages. What we’re most excited about now is seeing all the patches and contributions, and what you all will do with your OWL.

And lastly, once again, thank you. You rock, possibly literally.

Martin, Tom, Giom and Sasha.

We did it! There will be the 1Mb memory extension as standard in every OWL. Don’t tell anybody but we’re hoping we can squeeze more memory in if we can, and the economics of it work out, but we won’t know until we’ve got a final count of units and Kickstarter funds. To say that we’re incredibly thrilled and honoured to have got to this point is an understatement. Crowdfunding puts us as makers so much closer to customers that it really does feel far more like a joint effort than the more traditional model. That the forum community over at is already starting, and contributions already coming in, is the most amazing thing for all of us at Rebel Technology.

There are only a few short hours to go, and we’ve only got 19 of the discount OWLs left, so if you have been waiting to see if we’ll reach the last stretch goal then now is your chance!

We’ll send out an update when it’s all wrapped up later today.

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After a herding cats moment this morning while the team got distracted playing guitar with a new patch called DroneBox which is now online here with some other new patches created by community members, we’ve set about today’s to-do list with great purpose and are working on the next prototype which will include stretch goal items.

A number of people have asked about how they can get two pedals. You can do this by adding £195 to your pledge, and we’ll take care of the shipping costs. Please remember to send us a message or comment saying that you’re adding an extra unit to your order. The second pedal with be shipped at the same time as the first, so Early Adopters will still get both pedals in October.

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We’ve had some amazing feedback with lots of votes and good arguments for both sides. As it is we feel we can’t move the Stereo target back without disappointing a lot of backers who really want it. Thank you all for voting, and thanks also for the comments - it’s been great hearing your thoughts.

Instead we’re moving the Memory Extension stretch goal a bit closer, from 32k to 30k. We think with a big push in the last few days we can get to the £30,000 stretch goal and have both the extra memory and the extra sockets, but we need your help. The best kind of promotion for any product is from other customers in their own words, so if you can talk about it with your friends, mention it on the forums you use, tweet and share it on Facebook it’ll undoubtedly get us closer to the goal. Meanwhile on our end we’re gearing up for a promotional push too, with more patches and demos coming soon!

In the meantime check out this preview of the alpha version of OwlSim Live, showing changes to the code operating in real time within the simulator. This is a great contribution from our friend Marek from MazBox (link). We’re really excited about this as it makes patch coding amazingly fun and really speeds up the development iteration time.

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Now that we've reach the £24,000 LED switch stretch goal we've been looking at the final two stretch goals and having discussions about swapping them around, so that 1mb memory extension  is met at £28k rather than £32k. The extra memory is expensive for us, but we've had some feedback suggesting that backers and potential backers value this over the stereo input/output and so would priorities that first. Please leave a comment on the Kickstarter update here to indicated what you prefer?

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We’ve just gone live with this dedicated page for example patches, along with sound samples. We’re working on getting all the patches we have into SoundCloud, but this is a good selection. If you want to look at the full list of source code patches check it out on GitHub.

This evening we’ve got some friends over to talk about the design of the OWL, and we’re luck to have some DSP engineers with experience in building pedals, as well as music software engineers. Martin’s just go to get some beer in anticipation

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We've received the lastest OWL prototype with the hardware codec built it and it's proving to be very successful. It also came with the logo design on it, which we're equally pleased with. The final metal case will be white with a black logo, we think, although there is some discussion as to offering black cases with white logos too. Let us know what you think!

Tom spent the afternoon using the new prototype for a video shoot, which will be coming out very soon and demoing some new patches. Watch out for the code for these patches on We're also working on getting samples of all the patches  into SoundCloud. 

We're entering the last 10 days of the Kickstarter now, and we're incredibly pleased with how the campaign has progressed so far. We'd love to get to the next stretch goal and really need your help getting there by mentioning the project to your friends and colleagues.  

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