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Hey, friends, check out this remix I made of Nitro Fun and Desso's song, "Believe"!

+Gyro Axis +Eric Langston +Delta Bass 

Paws up for percussionists! 

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Hey look, a song! I thought I was going to finish this three weeks ago, and then school was like, "NOPE." Anyway, it's electronic and sounds a little like Lapfox, but chill and groovy.

Shout-out to +Turtlee Cat for the cover art.

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hi everyfur plz join this community we like music too

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Hey friends! Thought you might be interested in this opportunity to get a sweet sound tool.
+The Pro Audio Files is holding a giveaway where you could get Softtube's FET Compressor for free!

Full disclosure: using the link next to the picture, generated from the Pro Audio Files website, gives me 3 extra entries in the contest. I'd totally appreciate the extra entries, but if you'd like to maximize your chances of success, you can use this generic link:  ;)

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Hey, here's Episode 10 of the radio show I produce. Some great EDM music for you all.

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45% off all Beatport merchandise with the discount code "CYBERMONDAY".

They say this code is going to unlock different discounts throughout the day, so I wonder whether it would be wise to shop now or later...

I've finished a "happy breakbeat" remix of   #onedirection 's "What Makes You Beautiful," in the style of Furries In A Blender.

I'd love to feature someone's artwork as album art on a Youtube video, if anyone needs publicity. I'm looking for a polished work, either digital art or handmade, can be furry or not.

Anyone good with script writing who likes Voltaire... some friends are getting together to write "Voltaire, The Musical or (Death Death Devil Devil Evil Evil Songs)"

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Got a old electric piano off our neighbours, still need the Amp, Peddle and Power for it.
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