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who wants me to do a profile of infected Bruise
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ok since everyone wants a profile for Infected Bruise ima do it.

Name: Bruise
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'3
Weight: 130 Lbs

How was she infected?: Don't Know
Why does she have a robotic leg (not showing)?: A chomper bit that off.
What happened to her eye?: either that she lost it in combat or wildlife bit it right off.
Why is she so fierce?: She either might have rabies OR that's how she is.

When on an infecting spree, must be contained immediately
Some bites may be the reason she likes gore Owo
She's restless like her soul.

Insecurities: Flashbacks

Can't talk so she holds a sign
Communicates with hisses, growls, and screams

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Thanks for Invite!
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I am hungry, I want to eat some spaghetti, wait dang it I ran out of sauce, guess I have to use blood then from my victims, any volentiers? Who am I kidding, I taje that handpuppet

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