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Here's a shiny Joltik to you guys and everyone is able to get one!

How to enter:
1) YOU MUST FIRST comment your IGN (In game name) and share this post to ANOTHER pokemon community unless you will be ineligible to receive this gift
2) Deposit a Zigzagoon in the GTS asking for a Joltik level 10, male, with the message "G+ Sun&Moon"

Giveaway ends this Sunday and make sure you guys enter on the original post

I will distribute the Shiny Joltiks when I can. Enjoy!

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Hey guys today I'm giving away 5 shiny Yvetal and 5 Shiny Xerneas so make sure you enter in to win
To win you must:
1. follow my account
2. reshare to a different pokemon community
3. add my friend code 1821-9213-4953
4. comment your fc and ign
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Lf:Shiny Sylveon
Ft: movie event diancie

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So I m looking for one of these: shiny meloetta ,shiny victini, shiny keldeo.
I can give you shiny genesect for one of them.

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lf:5iv shiny crobat with brave bird

Anybody got pkhex or a powersave?

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Hurry up... you wouldn't wanna miss out on hoopa.
Hey everyone! This is Shadow Master 101, today I am giving away 11 legit event hoopas. This video proves that they work online. All you have to do is +1, comment, share and follow me and it is yours. Oh and you have to send me your fc and ign. And all offers stop after 11 people follow the steps above. But don't worry, I'll be back tomarrow to give you some more!  My ign is may and my fc is 4055-6172-3530.
I'll be waiting!
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