Has anybody figured out how to use basecamp for a help desk/request function? We currently use a hobbled together IT HESK system for our communications and marketing requests, but now that everyone is on BC we want to find a way to channel our requests through BC. We would need to be able to categorize by type of project, assign a project, and get sign-offs.

how do I share my google calendar on basecamp

ability to export my dropbox folders seamlessly

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I'm currently developing a social media chatbot for Basecamp 3 and I am therefore looking for some kind-hearted testers. All participants will receive a 3 month free subscription (Which otherwise would cost more than 100 dollars). Generally speaking, the testers will need to try out a short demo of the platform and provide some simple feedback.

Please sign up on the following form and I'll be in contact with you (You can opt-out at any time): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc9_2La8DJdpr4gMpD5sOq01SYT5C60QkM8CUW_ifxWY6lAmA/viewform

How do I create my own basecamp ?

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Get your Evernote tasks into the new Basecamp 3!
Basecamp recently launched their new API for Basecamp 3. After weeks of coding and testing, you can now get those Evernote checklist items into the Basecamp todo list of your choice.

Learn more - https://www.taskclone.com/

What is the best way to get people to post individual ideas and have them voted on with claps or applause? Is there a way to sort?

Wow, seems like there has been a while not updating. Does anyone try the new Basecamp 3 yet? How do you think about it?

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New feature: tags for to-dos (third-party addon) - http://www.tai.st/addons/basecamp-tags

We’ve created an addon that brings tags to Basecamp to-dos. For now they are colored labels that allow you build a quite sophisticated workflow. And we plan to develop some new features like search/filtering.

We would love to hear your feedback and feature suggestions.
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