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Now we need to get some things straight. Not that you already know

Edit 20170106: 11:32:43 Added in rules and guidelines by Peausa Sky.


1. Do not copy Ocs.
2. No Sexual content will be uploaded here (Including yiff, hentai, futa, You know the rest).
3. If a post is questionable, please talk to me, +Pэаપડа ડкy before posting. I'll accept or decline your post.
5. Some content is O.K. (Minor blood or gore, pony butts ((WITHOUT the holes)) And some RP is O.K. for the members in this group.
6. Requests to ask to draw ponies are O.K.

Watch it warning 1
Verbal warning 2
Verbal warning 3
Verbal warning 4
BANNED members Warning 5

You get five warnings per year. NO MORE THAN THAT.

The first time anyone tries to upload pornography in this community will get the blind eye, it will be deleted, but nothing else will happen.

The second time that one tries to post sexual content will result in a warning. The warning will last for a total of three months. I will write down your tag on the post here, your post will be deleted, and you will see your name on the first warning slot.

The third time that one tries to post sexual content, will result in a second warning. All records of warnings will be cleared on December 31. Your name will be posted in a second warning slot. Your post will be deleted as well.

The fourth time that one tries to post sexual content will result in a third warning. Your name will be posted again on the post here, on the third warning slot. Your post will be deleted personally by me.

The fifth time you post sexual content, you will be banned from the community and reported by posting sexual content. You will not be allowed back into the community for ONE (1) year, until your actions have been corrected.

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My warrior cats OC^^ What do you think about her?

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Can't follow:<

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Hey guys...guess I' to buggs (reference) you again so um I came up for an idea for my OC's backstorys I mean either way she's Mary Sue because of the whole family relations thing
Note:this is all svtfoe

Option #1 Spades does something dangerous using a family weapon and get banished from the family and her spades being blue but then red and wanting revenge on Cloud

Option #2 Cloud is the missing Element of earth and has to defeat the element of darkness and finding out she is the element of earth

Option #3 Cloud is kidnapped by Spades version of her and taken into the mirror realm having to saved

So which do you guys think I should use?
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Option #2
Option #3
All of them lol
Option #1
Option #2
Option #3
All of them lol

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Do u guys like it? It was a free custom for someone

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sorry i haven't been on this community
care if i share my community i made a while a go

Who wan't requeat from me? -Only for people in this comunity!-

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Thanks for accepting me.

This is my pony OC, Lavender. (the other ponies I have are her family)

|Her talents are gardening (that's part of the reason why her name is Lavender) and art. Ignore the part that says "magic".
|Her cutie mark is a rose because of her gardening talent (obviously). There's also a plant called 'Lavender'.
The colors of the rose explain the art part, also. Lavender is also a color.
|Lavender's dad is a bat pony, and her mom is a normal Pegasus (I have pictures of them, too.). She also has an older sister named Purple.

(Black pony is her dad, Black Heart, Yellow pony is her mom, Yellow Rose/Heart, and Purple pony is her sister, Purple Heart. Cyan pony is Lavender's daughter, Isabelle)
(pink pony is Lavender)
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Can someone draw my OC?
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