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A bit long in the tooth but need some brunch. HA
Don't feed the trolls, they will soon die off

Have a great Wednesday (AKA) Humpday. HA
Online Trolls - Don't feed the trolls

When I first came on googleplus at birth of only few months old. (Googleplus birth not mine HA) I didn't understand what was the deal with people who was so miserable in their lives or those who seek to find people who are complete opposite than them create an online argument. I played and debated back and forth for a few years with these types.
Now, as soon as I'm bored or the real debate turns into a pissing match full of hate, cursing, name calling or vulgar, I simply remove them. I do this in my own profile, communities I own, moderate from this profile or anonymous profile.
Please, understand healthy debate is good for everyone but when no longer healthy - remove.
Life is too short.. Live it happier.. Live without added stress..

FOR my community members

Recently, one of the members informed me on my personal profile of some who joined our specific communities and was harassing, using very abusive language and with personal attacks towards other members of the community.
It's very hard to keep up with a community and understand many volunteer because they believe in the community. Many of these communities were started by people who enjoy the happiness of specific areas and will assist in helping others enjoy the same common interest.
Some communities the owners or manager/moderators are paid to help keep up the community.
No matter if paid or volunteer, most work hard keeping it a place for those with same interest
However, in all areas of communities we as moderators see a lot more than the members do. We filter the best we can, we remove spam, we remove non-relevant posts to community, we reject members or remove members when caught in our filter or spam folders before you view or have to view them. We definitely remove and report if someone is found to show possible harm to children, child pornography or harm to adults etc., and so much more. We work hard to review and not subject our members to them.
Googleplus is the best at catching what is possible spam or not pertaining to community and why I do more here than anywhere. Wish I didn't go anywhere else but must at times. However, with all things some fall between the cracks.

For all areas. Members can share privately to me or other managers of complaints from a member without being called out. We will not tolerate bullying of any form within our communities

If sharing to me is difficulty, simply tag my name in the post with simple question that is not relevant to that post. I will read all comments and find the issue
Understand people do take vacations and offline at times, so good to tag all who assist with running a community for fastest response.
Thank You

Online is suppose to be fun and gathering together with others with common interests

Lets stay having fun and learning together

If you don't feed the trolls, they will die off

#googleplus #communities #onlinefun

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Anyone know any stores that sell organic napa?
I can sense the DBZ jokes already…

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