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On Friday (10th Feb) from 2-5pm (ACDT) we will be doing a small update to the course platform, and so all the MOOCs may be unavailable during this time. This won't affect your progress and you will be able to resume after 5pm. Thank you for your patience!

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Hi everyone. I am teaching my first year of secondary Digital Technologies for years 7 and 8. I hope to gain some useful information to help with implementing the digitec curriculum and some great ideas to engage the students.

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I have just read an interesting article about the benefits of Digital Technologies in Australian schools. 

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Any Vic / Melbourne based course participants (and friends) are welcome to come along to a Google Educators Group event - catch up with other MOOC'ers and join in with other great activities! Register here 

Hello Everyone,

I am embarking on the journey of my very first year of teaching in a secondary school. This year as part of my timetable I am teaching 2 year 8 Digital Technology classes. Through taking this course I aim to improve my ability to facilitate quality learning in these classes. As a rapidly growing industry the making apps project stream is of great interest to me. #Networking 

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Digital Technology Benefits to Society
1. Connectivity and Communication - from the humble email to the advancement of social media
2. Education - internet and associated options for education and self education through MOOCS and other courses, digitised texts, Youtube etc broadens the reach of educational possibilities no matter your interest
3. Medical - example the Pacemaker


Brushing teeth could be a function. It happens a few times a day and the parameters could change dependent on the results


First: check toothpaste levels.If levels are greater than 0 continue.
Second unscrew cap
Third Add water & toothpaste to toothbrush.
Fourth: Screw toothpaste back up and replace
Fifth: Open Mouth.
Sixth: Scrub your teeth.
Seventh : Repeat till spit builds up
Eighth: Spit and repeat from step 6 until teeth are clean or until gums are bleeding. Ninth: Rinse mouth out with water or listerine.
Tenth: Put toothbrush and toothpaste away.

Hello All,

I am a secondary TAS (Technological and Applied Studies) teacher in a New South Wales High School. Last year, when signing up for this MOOC I wanted to get a head start on the new curriculum that is coming our way, but now I also want to be able to converse with our new year 7 students. As a part of our 'get to know you' lesson we ask the question "what are you looking forward to most learning about in this subject?" This year, for the first time the students have mentioned coding and programming. I am here to expand my knowledge and perhaps include some of these students in that process. I plan on covering both streams over the course of this year. #Networking

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