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This exists now.

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Fuck me

Just a reminder that this existed

i forgot this existed

vote for me for yoshi president

Who are we voting for again?

I want this to be more popular again

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Also yes but not very

I like rocks. You like rocks. Let's go get some rocks and throw them at each other so we can embrace rocks with our faces. In fact, let's all get the things we care about most, and just throw them at each other. Do you like bombs?? Then light'em up and throw 'em!! Do you like bullets?? Well put'em in a gun and throw them at somebody so they can feel how amazing it is, and then maybe they'll even love bullets, too!! Or do you just like being yourself?? Well then curl up your fist and throw it at somebody's face so that they can see who you are!! AN AMAZING NON-VIOLENT PERSON!! Let's all band together, and be the greatest species ever!! FOR SCIENCE!!
... It's amazing how my altered version of logic works.

Life is an illusion created by some cunt who wants to torture people like us

I knew that this would exist sooner or later. XD
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