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Name: Midnight Luna
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Personality: kind and sweet, but then mean and wants to kill you
Family Name: Luna
Familiar: idk
Race: werewolf
Likes/Dislikes: likes kind people, dislikes mean people
Magic: turn anything white or dark
Sexuality: Bi
Skills: change at will
Weapons: my fangs
Appearance: White wolf, or human with a black dress with red roses on it
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(open to anyone)
drags a deer into the cave and starts to eat it, when i saw you and growled. you looked at me and.........

(Closed to +Sσииу Jιм​)
The Quest of Danger
As our friends take off from the Temple Of Anthros they start flying through the sky on Five element eastern dragons each risen by two of our heros, but some of them have trouble with the turbulence and say to Shadow The Human or Rini

(Closed to +Mushroom Francis​)
The Priestess and The Shadow lovers
Once the Bunny squad and Shadow The Human with Shadow enter the Temple they greeted with a feast of their welcome to the temple once inside the temple one them says to Shadow The Human

(Closed to +Mushroom Francis​)
The Temple of Anthros, Part 2
As they thought it was just an ordinary trip to the Temple of Anthros for answers they encountered a Bull Snake thought to be terrorizing but instead was protecting others from entering his home where his family and friends are being enslaved by a human with an animal skull and with his Death Shadows, now the Bunny Squad with Shadow and Shadow The Human are about to begin the fight of their life

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Quote:: "you do know what your doing right?"
Personality :mysterious
Family name:just same name
Race:super human
Weapons : large elemental swords
Laser guns
Appearance :below

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Anyone want to rp??

(Closed to +Mushroom Francis​)
The long journey to the Temple of Anthros Part 1
While Shadow, Shadow The Human , and Rini's group journey to the Temple of Anthros to get information about where the Death Shadows could be coming from one of Rini's friends goes up and asks...

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"Nothing a little tough love couldn't fix...right?"

Name: Osyra

Age: 20

Gender: Herm

Personality: Kind, sly, and suave.

House: Belongs to the Ironfang bloodline.

Race: Anthropomorphic Rabbit (Animal-Human)

Likes: Company, weapons, and cuddles.

Dislikes: Bigotry, unjust doings, seeing a friend hurt.

Weapons: Carries an EPM3 plasma rifle, and rail-assisted revolver.

Bio: An excellent example of young rifle women, Osyra knows how to take names, and look good doing it. Her excellence in marksmanship means her aim is almost always on point. The young rabbit girl knows the value of teamwork when it is needed, and doesn't value any squadmates unequally. She makes a fine soldier, thanks to lessons taught to her by her mother throughout her childhood. Out of battle, Osyra can make a great friend, as her loyalty and natural optimism seem uplifting to others.

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name: Holly

gender: Female

species: wolf cat hybrid (anthromorphic!!)

job: None

relationship: +Max Williams

weapons: two daggers, a sword, a scythe

personality: likes to sing and dance and loves her headphones

likes: singing and dancing, her hoodies, her headphones, the dark

dislikes: people who say she is stupid, a lot of things.....

powers: Wings and tons of others!!

bio: has no mother or father...

artist: Me
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