+Bryce Turner,
I am playing around with the code for the AI class for assignment 1:

I tried to run player_submission_tests.py but there is a line "import resource" that isn't being recognized because there is no file called resource.py that I can see and it's not part of the requirements.txt file either.

Is there something I have to know to make this work? Do you have that file from when you took the class? I won't really be able to play around with it in advance if I can't get the code to even compile due to missing code.

We did our semester lunch for OMSCS - Utah. Seriously, those that didn't show up missed out. We covered how to succeed at both Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Totally worth the time I took.

+Jim Lohse +Russ Klvacek +varun kamble +Yogendra Khopkar +Zach Peacock

Hi everyone! As our semester ends, we're planning on doing a lunch meetup next week on May 3rd. We're planning on meeting at J-Dawgs at Thanksgiving Point at 11 am.

+Bruce Nielson will be talking about his experience in the machine learning course and I will be talking about my experience in the AI course this semester. Both of us will also be able to answer questions about the ML4T course, registration, and other logistics about the program.

Hope you can all make it!

Hey all, we're looking to get together right after the semester is over for a lunch. I'm done by the 27th. When is everyone else done? Would May 1 or 3 work?


It looks like at least one of our members was a spammer. For this reason, I have demoted everyone I have not personally met to a limited member, meaning their posts will be held for review until a moderator approves it. This may or may not be a permanent change, depending on how we decide to move forward.

I'm open to a discussion about the best way to keep this community active and effective in supporting OMSCS students in the Wasatch area. I want to make sure that this forum is :

1. Effective for creating a local community of OMSCS students
2. Safe from spammers/bots

Wow! Welcome everyone! We just more than doubled our size!

When can everyone get together to do lunch?

Even though it's a bit late, we should try to setup another lunch or meetup for this semester (or right after the semester ends). What works best for everyone?

We need to do a meet and greet before class begins.
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