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I made a community for OCS and drawings
If you want come and join

Hello everyone! How is every bodies day going?

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Heya! Im viv and im a fourteen year old who loves drawing. I hope i find good friends here!

should i go on omegle

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pick one and ill be making a video and upload by the end of the upcoming week on friday
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Panic at the disco: house of memories
Melanie Martinez:Mrs.potato head
Mashup between the two

okay so i have this "straight" friend and so one day i asked him and i wanted to know if i was a good kisser and he said okay so go to a mirror and kiss it slowly and if you get hard then your a good kisser so i slowly kissed the mirror and im like it didn't work and he moved my head to him and kissed me really passionately and said how about now i said uh while im so fucking red haha and he said no? then lets try again and we ended up making out with each other in my room blaring Jeffrey stars old music especially blow me so i can honestly say this was my happiest ever in middle school

Wow. I made moderator? Omg thank you so much!!!!

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okay so this is a story

okay so when i was entering high-school there was this kid jarred and i had lunch hour with him and this time easily became my favorite time of the day and i liked this guy a lot but i didn't want to ruin anything so i didn't call us boyfriends but we basically did everything boyfriend would do yes even sex eventually in the quote unquote relationship so anyways we were walking in the hallway and i have this friend Cassie and she said are y'all boyfriend and i said no just real good friends and she said come on just make official so we were basically forced in a relationship and it was okay for about a couple of days maybe even a week but he kept texting that he couldn't do this anymore and we ended things badly and then he was walking with this girl and i was going to say hi and then he kissed her right in front of me and i ran into the bathroom crying and i guess he had heard me and he lifted my head and kissed me and said i love you ( he had never said that before ) i said while tears rushing down my face no you dont you love her he said fuck no im using her im so sorry you had to see that and i said okay well just leave me alone for a little while and he did he came back a little while later and asked me to come out of the bathroom and hold his hand and we did and he said lets go in front of that girl i said but you are with her he smiled and said not for long and the girl saw us and said what are you doing with him and he said nothing and kissed me in front of her she left in anger i laughed and hugged him so hard and said please dont do this again he said okay deal and then he broke into a school building and got expelled and i saw on snap chat that he has the girl back again and hes going back to the same high school next year because he was able to pay for the damage so im going to have to talk the guy that made me hurt so much so thats not good hehe

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i love fan art especially from Steven universe

this quote what can i say about it? well i could say that i loved some one like this and i love him so much and happy ever after but i fucking dont im a single worthless fag that has fucked up so much even his family doesn't love him any more and yes they have said it to my face but in all honesty a guy could easily speak to me in the right way and i'd fall in love with them its happened to me before and got hurt badly so i mean my self as steam is literally non fucking existent at this point in my teen age years and any other years of my life . Ive been constantly pushed down and beat until close to death and told ill never amount to anything and after a while im starting to believe them because what have i done thats good really i mean im fake nice but thats only cause if im not people wont have anything to do with me and im sweet and weird because i have to be i mean i like being that way and thats kind of how i really am but once i show people what i really am they flee and tell me to fuck off i mean i just try so hard to please every one and it seems the only one that cares about me is me and even thats strained and beaten so if you want to talk to me message me on hangouts please id like to talk and yes i am gay
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