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My first time throwing a "Criminal"by Dynamic Discs.
One word....Beefy! Reminds me of the "stiletto" I have a slow arm speed, and had difficult turning it over or even getting a straight -flat shot. I bet this is 💵 In windy 💨rounds.

I'd need to make some *gains at the gym 💪🏽to hang with this "#criminal"

My take on this's my back hand test and my guys side arm/ flick test drive with it! He isnt a super pro but an average take and perspective on the disc is needed also as well as a side arm Perspective!!
Thanks again for the best three #discgolf companies in the game #lat64 #dynamicdiscs #westsidediscs Westside Golf Discs Nature's Bakery #floridagolf #beefy #whatdoyputhrow #tester #floridagolf #florida

Love the #Escape and #Fugitive- haven't tried out my #Warden yet.
Also throw the #Truth and #Trespass.

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Meet the new love! My #destiny! @westside_discs new #driver is sick! Great for lower arm speed! This #understable disc has the #glide you will love! Gives nice #distance and easy to control! #discgolf #sports #golf #florida #westsidediscs #teamwestside

How do i work on getting sponsored by you dynamic discs? What do i need to do? Look forward to hearing something back

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Thought we'd share since we were able to hand out some DD Koozies and Dynamic Discs that we had stamped up for the Pickle Open sponsored by Dynamic Discs as prizes for the weekend. Thanks again for all you guys do to allow us to make the impact we can locally.

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Hey DD I'm loving your line of products

I want a mystery box.  I have to get one of those!

Hello DD
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