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Vivian Lee

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Vincent Zhang

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1、$memory_limit,默认为$memory_limit = 2 * 1024 * 1024;修改为需要的大小。
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Vincent Zhang

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1.进入/etc/resolv.conf 如果里面的地址PING不通就把它去掉。
2.进入/etc/ssh/sshd_config文件,添加或者修改一行:UseDNS no ,GssAPIAutohentication no。
3.重启sshd服务:(在有些参考中执行#service sshd restart命令;但在我但机器上此命令执行时会出现,所以直接选择了服务器重启)。

注意:其实出现这样的原因是因为服务端/etc/host 文件里如果设置了客户端的IP和主机名对应关系。你改名了现在找不到了,所以主机浪费时间去查找。
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issam rz

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VPN Gratuite illimité pour Android pas d'inscription requise caractéristiq...
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Welcome to HMA! Pro VPN Beta! If you are an existing HMA! Pro VPN customer, proceed as follows: 1) Join this community 2) Click on the "Download HMA! Pro VPN Beta" link below (or 3) Accept to become a tester 4) Click to confirm the download of the application 5) Click "Install" in Google Play It’s done! If your device is compatible (Android 4.0+) the app will be automatically downloaded. Note that sometimes it can take a few minutes for the content to become accessible. If you are not an existing customer of HMA! Pro VPN but really want to use this service and be part of the Beta, start by choosing your favourite plan at:


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Just launched our Android app worldwide. We would love to get your feedback!
As of 12:30PM Geneva time, ProtonMail iOS and Android apps are available worldwide. ProtonMail is officially out of beta now and we are allowing open signups. You can directly sign up for ProtonMail by visiting The moment that many in...
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This service is far too expensive, and since you rely on users upgrading to paid plans to survive, the end result is inevitable. 
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