My name is Mari
 I have a crazy, wierd Personality
 My Height is 5'2
 My Hair color is black
 My eye color is brown:
I am dark skinned
 I like books, ROCK MUSIC , black, sword-fighting etc..
 I dislike people(except my friends) etc
 My fatal flaw is personal loyalty
  My favorite Weapon/weapons are knives, swords

My name is Darbi. I have quote a mysterious personality but my personality changes. My height is 5'7. My hair color is dark brown. My eye color is grey, then turns to blue, to green, then to a stormy grey-blue. I am tan-skinned (but my face is pale). I like singing. But I LOVE to dance. I dislike A LOT of things. I get mad over small things. And then I can't really control what happens. I think my fatal flaw is that I usually don't think before I act or talk. And I usually act with anger. My abortive weapon would probably be just a sword or knife. But I am sorta good with a bow and arrow (I don't have very good aim). My abortive animal is all animals. But I love sharks.

My info:
My name is Julia
I have a tough personality
My height is 5'9"
My hair color is brown
My eye color is blue
I am white skinned
I like hunting and wrestling
I dislike wimps and "girly girls"
My fatal flaw is ?
My favorite weapons are bows, or cross bows
My favorite animal is a wolf

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My name is Evelyn.
I have a weird personality.
My height is 5'2.
My hair color is a light brown shade (light brown with dark blonde).
My eye color is hazel.
I am fair skinned.
I like movies, books, music, singing, animals, daydreaming.
I dislike heights, deep water, roller coasters, snobby girls, being underestimated.
My fatal flaw is personal loyalty.
My favorite weapons are swords, bow and arrows, knives.
My favorite animal is a wolf.

my name is Eowyn
I have a smart fun and confident personality
My height is about 1.7
My hair color is light brown 
My eye color is greeny blue
I am fair skinned
I like reading writing horses dogs and purple
I dislike my sister, coco, tomatoes, gloaters,spiders and stupidity

My name is Hibo
I have a smart and confident personality
My height is approximately 1.5m
My hair colour is dark brown
My eye colour is dark brown with a hint of silver in the light
I am chocolate brown skinned
I like reading, creating, sketching, writing and physical things
I dislike spiders and insects, show-offs, traitors and cruel people.
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