Poke squad can I plz have some robux I only have a noob account I don't want a lot I only want 879 so I can have fun while I play roblox my username is paris662

Poke what up in love you videos (:. I love you so much. Hope you reply .

Yo poke I LOVE your videos and your hard work i hope you add me on roblox cuz I am broke I have 1 joeyk113 don't just do Joey I need robux I wish you the best and your YouTube friend I am just 7 but I won last a day without your videos bye 😉

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This is my puppie
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Poke can I have some robux username on roblox is NoobAtTheGameYea pls don't give me a hole load I just want some imma noob 😕

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Sorry this is not pokemon but it took me a long time to get the song right

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Found this

Welcome to The PokeSquad  theres no need to worry just choose a pokemon you want to be if you want to be someone else's pokemon you have to give you permission so relax and go catch 'em all my mons!

Fighterlay 12529 choose your pokemon it can only be 1
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