Man i just picked the news about radio MONO... great and succes with preparing !!

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hoping to go live in around a week!

The Story of Radio Mono

A while ago four friends came together, two old heads, Rob and myself and the funky fresh two, Raul and Mathew! We shared a real love for music, real music, that underground shit, the stuff that takes a little more effort to hear and understand, but when you do you know why you took the time!
We, as Scottish guys, knew little or nothing about the Spanish language, and Raul struggled a lot with English, especially the English Scots people talk, music was the language we all spoke.
Anyway in our attempts to learn each other’s lingo, one of the first phrases we learned was ‘el hombre mono’, the monkey man, it became a wee private joke, we were the four ‘hombres mono’ We all shared an idea, I won’t say a dream because when you dream you wake up and nothing has changed, the idea the want the need to listen and produce and promote music, with our own cuts, running clubs, radio stations and parties, all in the name of the underground with two of my favourite dj’s Rob and Matty and our legendary latino percussionist Raul Escribano Vasquez on the conga’s. This radio station is part of that plan.
However, on the 23rd of August last year the four monkey men became three when we lost our brother Raul, who was only 25, in a fatal car crash caused by a drunken idiot, thousand words came to mind first there but I’m trying to keep it clean for this one! RIP Raul our brother!
So here we are, the birth of Radio Mono, dedicated forever to the underground and the memory of Raul, ‘EL HOMBRE MONO’
When we kick off this station we are streaming at 128 KBps , in line with most of the other internet radio stations, but we hope in time to be able to provide lossless audio in wav form, fresh from vinyl, the way music is meant to be heard, turn up the bass, its better when its loud!!
Peace and thanks for helping this shit happen!
looking to go live in 2 weeks

hi  fawn welcome, you know the style of my particular posts, still around two weeks from going live, but cant wait!
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