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24 March 2013
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dont be so worry to be here, have you ever heard of an english course being held on outdoor room class?
but, here the Nature Course not only about the Course anymore, but we mobilize our product also into the tour itinerary program.
short description of indonesia as the homeland of this Nature College:
indonesia has many cultures to learned for, but, many people outside don't have any idea about those things, not only bali, the municipality of bogor regency also has the same beautiful as.
so here, guys, anyone of you, if you still wondering and have lots of questions about the course or the entire region of indonesia archipelago or probably about this community
, go post your comment below, ,,,, thank you.

ocean member, the Final test of the basic grade will be held in may 27th
in BBG ( read : Bogor Botanical Garden) start by 07:00 am, the cost is Rp 55.000,00 /person, the price has included of transportation, driver tour guide, entrance gate of tourist attraction and certificate

the cost may to be credit, and the payment wil be start on saturday noon, by the time course is being held by

for the all ocean members, for this saturday the course will be earliest started at 01:00 PM to 03:00 PM, consisted also with the extra time in order to being got ready on the examination on monday, so, remind  and don't miss to bring your lessons, get ready for tomorrow tset...

ocean members, sing test will be pointed on sunday meet, 09:30, don't forget to birng your school files

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hello anyone welcome to the Nature Life of Course, do you ever hear about make an english Course in the forest...???
you gotta be there now, let's share your Ideas and Decisions...                

I shared this community with my friends..sorry if u guys didn't want me 2...
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