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The Student Business Association, Finance Club, and Entrepreneurship Club at the University of St. Francis are hosting a Bowling Fundraiser for Addison Locke, a 7-year-old fighting liver cancer. Please come out next Thursday at 9pm at Town and Country Lanes in Joliet to support this great cause!!

Here's the circle with all of us in it. please add it when you get a chance by pressing the "add circle' button in the middle of the circle. 

All, is there a way to merge/reference your linkedin profile with your google+ profile - I don't want to maintain profiles on all my sites.

I'm following and asking to connect on linkedin with everyone in class that posts their connections here. Please feel free to follow me back/connect. Thanks - I'll get to meet all of you tomorrow night.

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Post a link to your twitter account here.

Your link is just (your twitter name - the @)

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Post a link to your Quora account here.

just go to Quora, click your picture in the upper right corner, and share the address. 

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Post a Link to your Linkedin account here.

Go to your profile, and look right below your image for a link. That's the link to your public profile.

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Ok, so if you haven't done this before Google+ can be a bit confusing. Here's a little more detail on how to do this stuff. 

1.Follow/add our page
at the bottom of this post is a circle with images surrounding it. In the middle of that circle is a link with the words: Add Circle. From there a popup will appear that will prompt you to name the circle, do that and then save it by clicking the button titled Create Circle

this will navigate you away from this page. 

2. Share the Circle Publicly 
right below the circle with images, are two buttons, +1 and an arrow. Clicking the arrow allows you to reshare the content posted. Click that arrow on this post.

A popup will appear with a green Share button, right above that is a box where you can specify who you want to send the content to. If it says Public just go ahead and click on the share button. if not click in that space and you should see *Public" in the drop down menu. 

*3. (Optional) if you would like to be include in a more specialized circle click on this link* Don't worry about this one. 

New Public Circle
This is a public circle of people that would like to be circulated in order to discover new people with similar interest and to gain more followers, if you would like to be included please follow these steps.
     1. Follow/Add our page.
     2. Share the circle publicly.
     3. (Optional) if you would like to be include in a more specialized circle click on this link

Note: If you share this circle, you can delete the previous one from your profile.
kiss kiss ya all

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On Google+ I want you to join two communities that you find interesting Almost every interest is covered, so find your niche. This will be really important later. 

How to add a community
One easy way to find communities, is to go to the communities tab on the left side of the page. click it and Google will suggest communities for you to join. 

alternatively, in the google+ search bar just type in whatever you're interested in. It could be a hobby (fishing, cooking, sports, woodworking, etc.), Professional (Singer Songwriter, startups, etc.) or anything else a community can be built around.

Once you begin typing in the search a drop down appears, and at the bottom of that drop down are the communities. click on them and join them. 

Also, add the circle I've shared below. This will kind of kick start your account.  
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