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Delsin, using his Smoke Dash about every ten seconds finally arrived at the place. He looked around, deciding not to say a single word about it because he's cool like dat.

Cause I'm lazy.

Walked straight into the fort with a Wii U in her vines.

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Flew in from above using his two tails, instead of his rotor plane. Hey everybody! Name's Tails!


Name: Miles "Tails" Prower

Gender: Male

Species: Mobian/Fox

Age: 11 (Born on day 297, 3225)

Personality: Tails is a very friendly and humble fox. He looks up to Sonic as a "big brother", and though he lacks confidence, he is always quite capable around Sonic and often helps him out. He is very intelligent and at times he has even outsmarted Eggman along with the Freedom Fighters. For a long time, Tails seemed to be perfectly satisfied with just being a "sidekick", but after his adventures in Downunda, he found he could be just as brave and independent as Sonic. Tails has a few weaknesses: though intelligent, he is naive and still can act a bit childish at times. He also appears to be extremely ticklish, especially on his feet. He used to blurt secretive plans when under pressure (including other secret thoughts). He has also been shown to be jealous of his fellow Freedom Fighters at times, especially when Fiona Fox dated Sonic for a short while. He also becomes angry when people patronize him or mock him for his youth, since he feels he has enough experience as a Freedom Fighter to be held in high regards. He is very caring and thoughtful of his teammates, especially Sonic. Furthermore, his confidence has grown as a result of his various solo adventures and accomplishments as a Freedom Fighter, enabling him to handle himself well in combat situations. Most of the time, he will keep his anger under control when pressured, but this can build up into a rage if he snaps. When Tails gets this angry, even Sonic has trouble controlling him.

Relatives: (Current) N/A (Pre-SGW) Amadeus Prower (father) Rosemary Prower (mother) Merlin Prower (paternal uncle)

Alias: (Current) Tails (Pre-SGW) Chosen One, Agent T2

Height: 56 marks

Weight: 6.3 stone

Fur: Brown (formerly); Orange (current)

Eyes: Light Blue

Attire: Red and White Sneaker Shoes White Gloves

Affiliation: (Current) Knothole Freedom Fighters, Team Freedom, and Kingdom of Acorn,
(Pre-SGW) Knothole Freedom Fighters (disbanded), Kingdom of Acorn/Republic of Acorn Fearsome Foursome (formerly), and Team Fighters

Abilities: Flight, Chaos-based Powers, Genius-Level Intellect, Hand-To-Hand Combat Skills, Advanced Computer Programming and Hacking Skills, Skilled Inventor and Mechanic, Skilled Pilot, and Extreme Gear skills

Notable Super Forms: Turbo Tails, Titan Tails, and Hyper Tails
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Name: Terra Shuriko

Gender: Male

Species: Greninja, the Ninja Pokemon

Nature: Silent, but intelligent and always thinking up solutions for everything, and also very mature.

Height: 4′11″ (1.50m)

Weight: 88.2 lbs (40.0 kg)

Type: Water/Dark

Level: 61

Trainer: None, nor ever.

Ability: Torrent

Moves: Shadow Sneak, Water Shuriken, Double Team, Hydro Pump

Local Dex Number: 006

National Dex Number: 658

Dex Entry X: It creates throwing stars out of compressed water. When it spins them and throws them at high speed, these stars can split metal in two.

Dex Entry Y: It appears and vanishes with a ninja’s grace. It toys with its enemies using swift movements, while slicing them with throwing stars of sharpest water.

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((I'm going to do this now before I sleep, feel free to comment or not I could really care less..))

Name: Uso
Gender: Male
Species: Spiny-Nut Pokemon ((Shiny Chespin.))
Nature: Highly Intelligent, Quiet
Level: 7 
Type: Grass
Trainer: None
Moves: Pin Missile, Energy Ball, Vine Whip

Deleted the whole community just to be a bitch.

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Name: Zero

Gender: Male

Species: Mobian Porcupine

Date of birth: 7/8/- (Immortal due to tree of life sap.)

Base type: Speed

Secondary type: Power

Known abilities: Homing attack, spindash, Axel kick, Thunder punch.

Powers: Electricity Manipulation, Super speed, Super Strength, Gravity manipulation, Stealing powers after destroying/killing someone.

Alignment: True Neutral/Anti-hero

Personality: Often calm and collected, Zero hides his sadistic nature under all of the negativity around him. Has a split personality from his original body which was a pure psychopath.

Biography: ...
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Name: Fiona
Gender: Female
Species: Fennekin
Nature: Timid
Likes: Fire, Friends and Building stuff (sometimes)
Dislikes: Water and losing a friend
Type: Fire
Moves: Psybeam, Flame Charge, Physic, Flamethrower
Level: 18
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Hi guys! Hey chase!

I don't need a profile 'cause I got sweg.
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