Name: Tommy the wolf
Age: 3 in dog years
Mate: open (please be a long term in real life too)
Pups: none but open
Any family no
I'm a lonely every time I see someone else has a girl I'm looking for it stolen I get anxiety races get scared sick sometimes throws up

+Cindy .J Whitmore +Vitani lioness94 did nothing wrong y r u accusing her

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Likes:Kate and Humphrey,playing with garth and lily,Kate's pups,pulling pranks,snow,howling
Dislikes:evil wolves,getting pranked,other wolves making fun of him,fighting with rin,getting hurt
Twin sister:Rin
Bio:when len was born in by his parents lin and ren except both of his parents were in two different packs lin was in the western Pack while his father ren was in the eastern pack by pack laws they weren't allowed to see each other but ren would sneak into the Western Pack's territory to see his twin son and daughter but can-do and scar would fight with him chasing him out of the Western pack's territory for him to go back to the Eastern pack Territory so far len hasn't seen his father even since but he'll hear his father respond back to his howls
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Name: Alastor
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Likes: Smiles, eating other wolves, staying awake, his mate and pups, making cryptic predictions
Dislikes: Sleep, unhappiness
Personality: Evil, insane, Cannibalistic, A complete nightmare
Mother: N/A
Father: N/A
Sister: Maisey
Brother: Malachi
Crush: Open
Mate: Starnabella
Pups: Neytiri
Friends: Open
Rank: N/A

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Name: Starna
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Fur Color: White and neon blue
Eye Color: Neon Blue
Rank: Omega
Likes: Hutch
Dislikes: Her enemies
Pack: Western Pack
Bio: I am Kate, Lilly, and Gabriella's long, lost little sister. I have neon blue streaks in my mane and tail. I was adopted by another pack, but my sisters and I are reunited again

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Name: Alize

Gender: Female

Age: 2 Years

Mother: Kate

Father: Humphrey

Sister: Claudette

Brothers: Stinky and Runt

during a thunderstorm a wolf enters into western pack territory

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Name: Scourge
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Rank: Omega Female
Crush: Can-do
Likes: Her pack
Dislikes: Her enemies

I was walking around when you

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Hi im new here but I love RPs, and yes im a Fox
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