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A big thank you to Special Needs Jungle for this piece, and to all those who have made contributions to the Whole School SEND agenda so far. We are in the process of drawing these suggestions together into a 'next steps' piece - watch this space!

In the meantime, if you have more suggestions for the Whole School SEND agenda let us know on Twitter @llsinfo or by posting below! We really value your input.

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The new SEND Review section of the SEND Gateway is now live. This will enable you to 'surf' the Gateway according to which of the 8 focus areas of the review you are interested; you'll find resources, provision, providers and research.
The best bit though, is that you can see examples of effective practice from other schools and settings as well as upload your own.
The more examples there are, the more valuable a resource it will become; real examples, with real impact, in real settings.

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The SEND Gateway ( is a free to access SEND resource for education professionals.
Popular this month is A Student Centred Approach: What Every School Should Know. In this 30 minute clip, Gareth Morewood talks about how to adopt a more student-centred approach.

As you may have seen in our newsletter, we are calling on the Whole School SEND network to inform our policy moving forward.

What do you think should be the aims and objectives of the Whole School SEND Consortium in 2017?

- How can we achieve better outcomes for learners with SEND?

- What is lacking in the system?

- What is going well and should be celebrated?

Let us know by commenting on this post, we'd love to hear from you.

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Welcome to the Whole School SEND online community!

This is a trusted, private network for attendees of the
Whole School Send Summit to continue to work together. It is a safe space within you can continue the day's discussions, reconnect with each other, ask questions, try out ideas, discuss resources, and offer support.

We really hope you find it useful. Please feel free to post comments and upload resources - there are no stupid questions and all contributions are welcome as long as they are constructive.

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