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I stood before a freshly buried dead body with my ornate black scythe and a grim reaper tome in my skeletal hands. My paradox wings folded neatly and disappeared into my reaper cloak. The newly dead, a woman named Savannah Keene, had a rather extravagantly traditional funeral, one that invoked me in my most powerful form. My black robes flowed as a cool night breeze blew by, chilling me to the bones quite literally. I read through the tome, speaking of the life of the mortal woman in the ancient language of creation. Her soul drifted up from the grave where her body laid and into the book.
I snapped the tome shut and sighed a little, twirled the scythe in a fancy way before shoving the entire weapon into the rune on my left arm. The scythe disappeared cleanly into my storage dimension which I could access easily at will. I let my reaper magic disperse back into my body and returned to my human form. Flesh and skin appeared on my skeletal appearance and my flawless brown hair grew out of my scalp. My skin was as perfect as it is newly formed and my eyes gleamed a bluish color in the dark.

"I know you're there. It's not nice to peek when a lady is changing, you know." I smirked and wrapped my long black cloak around my nude body. Might as well come out. Who sent you? Wait, don't tell me you're here to recruit me. I told both sides that I'm neutral.

You then-
(Open rp)

Question, are the Archangel and Knight positions reserved for moderators or are they open to anyone as long as there are remaining empty slots?

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•[ T H E M E ]•
Graveyard Symphony

•[ Q U O T E S ]•
It's very difficult to be great. Losers prove this point continuously.

[] B A S I C • I N F O R M A T I O N []

[] Name []

"You ask me my name? I have so many I don't even know where to begin...Kira is my modern name. Before that it was Thanatos for the Greeks, Viduus for the Romans and sometimes even Osiris for the Egyptians. Back then, they were pretty gender-confused so don't ask about the male names."

[] Nickname(s)[]

"Eh...not exactly fond of nicknames but I guess it's better than going by a crap-load of male names. You can just call me Kira."

[] Age []

"Hmm, my age huh? We women are quite sensitive about our age, you know so don't ask so casually. I'm somewhere around 13 billion years but look to be in my early twenties."

[] Gender []

"That's sure a stupid question...I certainly don't look like a man and uh... I'm pretty sure I don't have male genitals either last time I checked."

[] Race []

"I'm a grim reaper. Yeah, yeah, I know I don't look so grim and scary but I assure you I am quite an accomplished one. Why else would the mortals mistake me as a god of death?"

[] Occupation []

I do exactly what mortals think we, grim reapers, do. In this job, I touch the mortal with the mark of Death, which draws out the person's soul, and then I cut it free with my scythe. Then comes the tedious part. I drag the kicking and punching soul alllll the way to Judgement Hall in Heaven. After receiving the soul's fate, I get to go off and do my own thing if the soul is innocent. If not, I have to take the soul back down and into Hell. Yeah. Tedious.


[] B I O L O G I C A L • I N F O R M A T I O N []

[] Height []

I'm kinda short...5'8...Shut up, don't laugh.

[] Weight []

That's not really something you ask a lady, but then yet again I'm not really that self-conscious. I weigh 116 pounds.

[] Hair Color []


[] Eye Color []

Hm...there's no definite color to my eyes. It's blue green sometimes, gray, red....who knows?

[] Facial Hair []

Uh...eyebrows? Do eyelashes count?

[] Hairstyle []

I have long straight hair and zero split ends. Envy me.

[] Skin Color []

Hey, I may be a grim reaper but I'm not that pale...I'm light-skinned but not pale.

[] Muscle Tone []

I'm not sure how to classify myself...uh...lean? I'm not fat but I'm not brolic either.


[] P E R S O N A L • I N F O R M A T I O N []

[] Personality []

I have a quirky personality. Some people call me difficult and impossible. Heh, whatever that means.

[] Distinguishable Features []

Let's see...I have a large rune tattoo on the back of both of my forearms and two pairs of wings. One of that of a Death angel and the other of a Greater demon. I know, I'm badass.

[] Skills []

Jeez...what is this? My resume? Uh...I'm skilled in Microsoft powerpoint...jk, jk. I'm quite skilled in anything that involves stealth. Assassination, sneaking people out of Hell....oops, you didn't hear that..that sort of thing. I'm also good with languages. Twenty pieces of gold to whoever name a used language I don't understand.

[] Powers []

As expected of an accomplished grim reaper, I have a vast variety of abilities at my beck and call. Elemental magic, creation and destruction magic, light and dark magic, you name it. Yes, yes....I know I'm way too powerful for my own good but how else do I get some of you hyperactive winged brats under control?

[] Weapons [] me a stereotypical grim reaper...but yes, I prefer my scythe.

[] Relationships []

Um...none at the moment. Sad, I know.

[] Family []

Hm...Well I have no parents unless God count. If that's the case, Michael and Lucifer are my childish older brothers. Like them, I was made not born and before you ask, yes, I have a belly button. I'm not sure how but I do.

[] Allegiance []

Bah...I hate permanent alliances. The answer is obviously neither.


[] B I O G R A P H I C A L • I N F O R M A T I O N []

E A R L Y • L I F E ( Rise of life-1300s )

Eh...I really don't feel like telling my life's too damned long and complicated to explain in the little time I have. I have to do. Um...yeah. What? I have to? Dammit. You see...God decided that there was a need for someone to regulate the dying process so he created me. In a way, I was the First Grim reaper. At first, I did my job perfectly like a good little girl but then around 1346, I got really bored and started to have a little fun with my new power; Plague. That's how the Black Death raped humanity in Europe. Yeah, I got punished pretty severely for that....

L A T E R • Y E A R S ( 1300s to Present Day )

After that little incident, I returned to my duties as a proper grim reaper with a few more funtimes here and there. Nothing toooo major.
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I am new here and have a few questions. Yes I have read all the rules and everything and yes this maybe me being dumb however there are aspects I don't understand

1*Can we be humans caught in the battle? I know we probably couldn't battle but we could get in the way as the war is on earth*
2 Can the Angels/Devils be OC or must they come from religion? If they do have to come from religion, could you send me a list of positions open?


Okay I have only a few questions before I begin on this great Roleplay community. I have read the pinned post and the community description. But I just got a few questions before getting started.

1. Themes- When you use the term themes, how are you using it, I looked at the profiles but me being kinda dazed from no coffe... And waking up 10 minutes ago. Can't seem to figure it out. And I'm sure it's a effortless question that can't go through my brain at the moment.

2. Species- I was wondering if it was like vampire and things, just normal common or mythical creatures that are options. Creatures like in the show Supernatural.

Those were my questions so here. Just like the description tells me too I'll tag...

+Olivia Morningstar
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