Killer Spiders
by: Elizabeth, and Jazmine

Dillon: "Jazmine do you now were the boss is?"
Jazmine: "No clue since we got separated, Dillon."
Elizabeth: "I'm right here!"
Dillon, and Jazmine: "Boss!"
Elizabeth: "I tolled you to call me by my real name, It makes me feel over powered when you call me boss!"
Elizabeth: "Also Jaz were both are in charge, you know that right!"
Jazmine: "Yes I do actually."
Jazmine: "Sorry dang, I just..."
Elizabeth: "We are being followed!"
Dillon: "We are Elizabeth?"
Elizabeth: "No dip, Dillon!"
Jazmine: "I tried to tell you..."
Dillon: "No you didn't, don't pull that crap."
Jazmine: "yes I did, when we were out of the central building."
Dillon: "Really!"
Jazmine: "Yes really."
Elizabeth: "Jazmine, Dillon, stop chit chatting and start moving, NOW!"
(Elizabeth jumps on a roof, and jumps to the next, then repeats)
Jazmine: "Elizabeth never calls me by my real name ever."
Dillon: "Well we weren't listening to her."
Jazmine: "True."
Dillon: "Well lets go Jazmine!"
(Dillon follows Elizabeth's lead)
Jazmine: "Fine"
(Jazmine follows Elizabeth's lead as well)
?: "STOP IN THE NAME OF THE W.A.S OR THE Worlds Assassination Society!"
Dillon: "Elizabeth you were right!"
Elizabeth: "Aren't I most of the time!"
Dillon: "Well yeah."
Elizabeth: "Let's show them what were made of, OK."
?: "STOP NOW!"
(Elizabeth, Jazmine, and Dillon stop on a roof top.)
Elizabeth: "What's your name stranger?"
?: "My name is Katherine"
Elizabeth: "Katherine, what a pretty name."
Katherine: "Thank you, but what's your name?"
Elizabeth: "My name is Elizabeth."
Jazmine: "Mine is Jazmine."
Dillon: "And mine is Dillon."
Elizabeth: "Jaz, Dillon let me handle this."
Dillon: "But Elizabeth..."
Dillon: "No buts Dillon, I am taking this one."
Jazmine: "But, sister she looks skilled."
Katherine: "So you two are sisters, then I have the right assassin's."
Elizabeth: "Back up Jazmine."
Jazmine: " you're so complicated steps back and watches."
Katherine: "What are your weapons of choice."
Elizabeth: "My weapons are 2 fan blades, what are yours Katherine?"
Katherine: "My weapons are small throwing knives!"
Dillon: "Elizabeth don't do this by your self."
Elizabeth: "Shut it Dillon!"
Dillon: "But...."
Elizabeth: "No buts"
Jazmine: "beat her ass, and survive it!"
Elizabeth: "Not possible I'm an Assassin!"
(Elizabeth takes her stance, so does Katherine.)
Elizabeth: "You know I'm not going easy on you Katherine"
Katherine: "I don't expect any less from you."
(Katherine throws a knife)
(Elizabeth shields her self, and runs forward in Katherine's direction.)
(Katherine blocks her attack, and pulls out a sword.)
Jazmine: "Hay you’re cheating."
Katherine: "All is fair in love of war!"
Jazmine: "true, but you are only allowed to uses your small throwing knives!"
Katherine: "I have orders to kill Elizabeth Royer at all costs, even by cheating."
Jazmine: "Why?"
Katherine: "She is the most feared assassin in the south east side of the USA,points at Elizabeth she must be killed!"
Katherine: "Also the best assassin, He was found dead a month ago, and the only person who could have killed him is Elizabeth Royer."
Elizabeth: "Where's the proof I did."
(Elizabeth pushes Katherine down on the roof, and then she falls off the roof of the house.)
(Elizabeth drops her weapons and grabs her arms.)
Katherine: "why did you save me?"
Elizabeth: "I did it because I don't kill unless I need to, I am a killer but I kill for good reason."
Elizabeth: "Dillon, Jasmine, HELP ME NOW!"
Katherine: "Thank you, but they call your group The Killer Spiders, they said one of the leader's calls herself the viper, they also said that her sister that is also one of the leaders calls herself the Black widow, and one of your pawns calls himself the dragon master."
Elizabeth: "That is not what they think I call my self?"
Katherine: "It is Elizabeth."
Elizabeth: "Are you shore, not the blood lust spider?"
Katherine: "Yes I am shore they call the viper, but your group is called The killer spiders an I correct."
Jazmine: "Then why is our names totally different from what our group name is called?"
Katherine: "I don't know Black widow, but it is clear you guys are wanted!"
(all at the same time)
Elizabeth, Jazmine, and Dillon: "WERE WANTED!"
Katherine: "I did not introduce my self properly, I'm my assassin name is Ice Shard!"
Elizabeth: "Ice Shard it's nice to meet you!"
Katherine: "You too Viper!"
Katherine: "OK, OK, Blood Lust Spider!"
Elizabeth: "Thank you, but the guy over there is Fang Spider!"
Katherine: "Nice to meet you fang Spider!"
Dillon: "Nice to meet you Ice shard!"
Elizabeth: "Lets move now, if there is one assassin there is more!"
Katherine: "My I come with you, since you saved my life!"
Elizabeth: "No!"
Katherine: "Why not?"
Elizabeth: "Because it is dangers for some one like you!"
Katherine: "Well, I don't care!"
Elizabeth: "You should!"
Katherine: "I can't go back now that I have been defeated!"
Jazmine: "Really?"
Katherine: "Yes really!"
Elizabeth: "Fine, but if you slow us down then we will leave your sorry ass behind, got it"
Katherine: "Ok!"
(As they start to move a knife is thrown at Elizabeth)
?: "Long time no see Elizabeth!"
Elizabeth: "Katherine who did you work for before I saved your life?"
Katherine: "The Night Slavers!"
Elizabeth: "Shit, well nice to see you to Luke!"
Luke: "I'm surprised that you remember my name."
Elizabeth: "Well it's hard to forget the man who tried to kill my sister as a baby!"
Jazmine: "What this guy tried to kill me as a baby, your dead bastered!"
Jazmine: "Elizabeth I ..."
Jazmine: "OK."
Elizabeth: "What do you want Luke!"
Luke: "Getting right to the chase are you, I'm here for you!"
Elizabeth: "Why?"
Luke: "I want to put our groups together, my queen."
Elizabeth: "I said this once Luke, and I am going to say it for the last time, NO, and I'm not your queen!"
Luke: "If you won't come with me quietly then I am going to force you to; Yuri, Clarence, you know what to do."
(at the same time)
Yuri, and Clarence: "yes sir"
Dillon: "Hay let me go!"
Jazmine: "Unhand me you jackass."
Katherine: "Ouch...Help...Please..."
Luke: "Will you join me or will you let you group die, what will it be?"
Elizabeth: "Bastard, let go of my sister, and my friends or I will kill you!"
Luke: "Big talk for a little thing like yourself."
Luke: "Grab her know."
(slice, slice, slice)
Clarence: "Ouch...boss we have cuts on our hands, and we didn't do anything, also Elizabeth's...."
Elizabeth: "I told you to let my sister, and my friends go know."
Yuri: "How are you..."
Elizabeth: "They don't call me the king of the Killer Spiders for nothing do they Luke."
Clarence: "You’re a king?"
Elizabeth: "yes I am, so if you don't want your friends to get hurt Luke, then I would get out of my face."
Luke: "Come on you know you want me, and..."
Elizabeth: "If your not going to tell them to let my sister go at the count of three I will kill you all."
(Elizabeth as a crazed look in her Eyes.)
Jazmine: "Elizabeth are you OK?"
(Elizabeth gets her fan blades out, and attacks Luke.)
Luke: "Elizabeth calm down now, if you calm down I will tell Clarence to let them go, OK."
(Jazmine breaks free)
Luke: "Elizabeth..."
Jazmine: "cool off OK, I'm here."
Elizabeth: "Jaz-Jazmine is that you"
Jazmine: "Yes I'm here."
Elizabeth: "Good your safe!"
(Elizabeth passes out)
Dillon: "Jazmine what happened?"
Jazmine: "You bastard how could you go that far?! Do you know how much power it is to keep that from happening, God I can't believe I'm going to ask you this but can you carry her?"
Luke: "Me?"
Jazmine: " No the person behind you. Yes you!"
(At the base)
Jazmine: "Get the medicine from under my bed Diane."
Diane: "What's going on?"
Jazmine: "Get out of your suits I will deal with this OK."
Diane: "OK Jazmine."
(After Katherine, Diane, Dillon, Yuri, and Clarence leave)
Luke: "What happened to her?"
Jazmine: "That is her evil side, that is what killed our father."
Luke: "What? Her evil side."
Jazmine: "Yes, Father made her make an evil side from all of what he put her through."
Luke: "What did he do to her?"
Jazmine: "He tided her to a pole, and watched him...beat me. That's why I have my personality, but a couple of days ago she killed him because she snapped, that's why she is our leader, so she can protect me."
Luke: "Why did she snap?"
Jazmine: "He was going to sell me for money."
Luke: "Really?"
Jazmine: "No I'm making this up, yes he was."
Elizabeth: "Jazmine?"
Jazmine: "I'm here, what is it?"
Elizabeth: "Did I do it again?"
Jazmine: "Yes."
(Elizabeth sits up, and she sees Luke)
Elizabeth: "Asshole what are you doing here?"
Jazmine: "He carried you here."
Elizabeth: "And you let him do that?"
Jazmine: "I told him to."
Elizabeth: "Great know my image is ruined."
Luke: "Sorry I Did not want to piss you off anymore then you already are and..."
(Elizabeth Blushes, gets up and kisses Luke)
Jazmine: "Elizabeth what are you doing?"
Elizabeth: "Know were even!"
(Luke blushes)
Jade: "So I hear chatting back here and I got told what happened so is she OK?"
Jade: What the hell is going on back here?"
Elizabeth: "Nothing Jade, get out!"
(Elizabeth blushes as Luke looks at her)
Elizabeth: "Thanks for getting me here, I will repay you some how."
Luke: "You don't have to...."
Elizabeth: "Yes I do, you could have left me for the W.A.S to get but, you didn't!"
Jazmine: "oooo payback its intriguing the way you guys think"
Elizabeth: "shut the fuck up Jaz!" blushes
Jazmine: "you gotta crrruuussshhh" dances around like a 2 year old
"I do not!"
(Crash, boom, bang)
Elizabeth: "What was that?"
Jade: "Luke get Elizabeth, and Jazmine out of here, now!"
Luke: "Why, what's going on?"
Jade: "The W.A.S found us you need to get them out of here!"
(Elizabeth gets up, and undressed)
Luke: "What are you doing!"
Elizabeth: "I trust you Luke, but Jaz were is my suit!"
Luke: "Well you shouldn't!"
(Luke turns around blushing)
Elizabeth: "Jaz were is my suit?"
Jazmine: "In your chest in front of your bed!"
(Elizabeth gets in to a red, and black suit, then a red and black skirt, and red, and Black boots)
Elizabeth: "Jaz get in your suit we are going to fight!"
Jazmine: "Elizabeth your in no shape to..."
Elizabeth: "I am fighting, and that is final!"
Jazmine: "I told you no and that’s final"
Jazmine: "no you helped me, now I'm helping you"
Elizabeth: "I Don't care but I am fighting,
Jazmine: "no! Luke hold her down at any costs!"
Elizabeth: If you do Luke then I will beat the crap out of you.
Jazmine: "ill kill your family and friends if u don’t..."
Elizabeth: "Jaz do you dare go that far!"
Luke: " I will if I have to..."
Elizabeth: "Fine but after this is over then you are going to get it Jaz, Got it!"
Jazmine: "I'm doing this for her...I hope she knows this"
Jazmine: Elizabeth runs out with her red, and black fan blades "ARE YOU SERIOUS! LUKE GO, AND GET YOUR CLUMSY ASS FRIENDS!!!!"
Luke: Clarence Get her right know!"
Clarence: "Yes Sir."
Elizabeth: "Get out of my way!"
(Elizabeth pushes Clarence out of the way)
(The W.A.S gets in)
(Elizabeth Jumps in midair and Destroys half of the army)
Yuri: "She is bad ass!"
Jazmine: "She is going to get it after this, but at least we know that she can fight"
Jazmine: smirks at Elizabeth "on signal 1...2...3...NOW!"
Elizabeth: "Nice of you join in Jaz!"
Jazmine: "Shut it, Elizabeth!"
Jazmine: kills the rest of the army "piece of cake!"
Jazmine: "What the hell were you thinking?"
Elizabeth: "I wanted to fight and I was tired of you babying me!"
Jazmine: "I was not fucking babying you!"
Luke: "Yes you were Jazmine!"
Jazmine: "Stay out of it Prince charming!"
Luke: "What did you say!"
Soldier: "!"
Jazmine: "I got this!"
(Jazmine Jumps in the air, and steps on the soldiers head, and snaps his neck)
?: "Don't you think that was over kill?"
(Loke gives a smile at Jazmine!)
(Jazmine falls back, and has a nose bleed)
Luke: "Hay Loke!"
(Elizabeth, and Luke run in the direction of Jazmine, and Loke)
Elizabeth: "Jaz are you OK?"
Loke: "So you name is Jaz!"
(Jazmine stands up and looks at him with anger)
Jazmine: "What did I do?"
Jazmine: "Only my sister calls me Jaz, got it!"
Jazmine: "Well I am going to call you what ever I want Jaz!"
(everyone of the spiders except Elizabeth, and Katherine)
Elizabeth: "Katherine step back know!"
Elizabeth: "Jaz calm down !"
Jazmine: "No, I am going to fight you asshole, OK!"
Loke: "OK, when?"
Jazmine: "Know!"
Loke: "What!"
Elizabeth: "I tried to warn your friend not to mess with her!"
(Jazmine wipes the blood off of her, and gets in to her fighting stance)
(So does Loke)
Katherine: "on your mark, get set, Fight!"
(Jazmine zooms so fast to were Loke can't see her!)
Loke: "I am going to guess you power is speed!"
Jazmine: "Yes, what is yours?"
(Jazmine stops and starts to screaming)
Elizabeth: "JAZMINE!"
Jazmine: "No father stop, Stop, STOP!"
Jazmine: "It's not real, it's not real, it's not real!"
(Jazmine breaks from the elusion)
Loke: "How is that possible?"
Jazmine: "My father is dead so I don't have anything to fear!"
(Jazmine goes in for the attack, and strikes him down)
Jazmine: "I can withstand any attack. I was trained to."
Loke: "OK, that makes sense Jaz!"
Jazmine: "Stop calling me that, Loke!"
Elizabeth: "OK Jaz leave him to talk to Luke!"
Jazmine: "Okay"*whines like a child*
Loke: "*Loke laughs to hard he falls to the ground*In all the years I have been fighting you’re the only person that had broken through my allusion, and the best one to!"
(Jazmine blushes)
Loke: "Are you blushing?"
Jazmine: "NO!"
(Loke blushes to)
Jazmine: " A-are you blushing?" whispers to Elizabeth "I made him blush"
Loke:" Do you think you could teach me your compatibility later? I-its amazing!"
Jazmine: "s-sure I c-can...."
(After the Night Slavers leave)
Elizabeth: Holly shit y-you have a Cr-crush!
Jazmine: Jazmine blushes I do not!
Elizabeth: You lying sun of a bitch!
Katherine: you means she likes someone besides you!
(Luke walks in with Loke)
Jazmine: You can not tell anyone I like Loke, GOT IT!
Elizabeth: Why not!
Jazmine: Because I said so, and know I now how you and Luke feel!
Luke: We came back to ask you if we can stay here for the night
Jazmine: How much did you hear?
Loke: To the part were you said you liked me! Loke blushes
Jazmine: Merde!
Loke: what?
Elizabeth: she said shit in French!
Jazmine: Elizabeth da la fermer, ou vous aurez mal, mais il est chaud, ce que je dis ; Elizabeth si vous lui dites ce que je dis, vous ne verrez jamais la lumiere du jour nouveau.
Loke and Luke: What did she say!
(Elizabeth smiles)
Elizabeth: She said Elizabeth shut it, or you will get hurt, but he is hot, what am I saying; Elizabeth if you tell him what I am saying you will never see the light of day again.
(Elizabeth blocks a powerful kick from Jazmine)
Jazmine: No, but you do!
(Elizabeth grabs Jazmine's leg and throws her to the ground, and everyone backs up
(catches herself as she falls and smirks)
Jazmine: you try Liz you try
Elizabeth: Well you’re the one who through the first punch, Jaz!
Jazmine: Actually I kicked you I didn't hit you.
Elizabeth: Well it still counts.
Luke: OK have you guys.....
Jazmine and Elizabeth: That is enough of your yapping!
(Luke go's flying across the room)
Elizabeth: This is how we do things around here, got it Luke
Loke: but it is to little to fight over
Jazmine: To little my ass, I am tired of my sister doing this, this is why I don't tell her anything about my love life.
Elizabeth: Ich tue es qus einem Grund, und es ist um Sicherzustellen dass sie nich den Fehler machen, habe ich; Why am I speaking in German for, and I know you can't speak German yet, I said I do it for a reason, and it is to make sure you don't make the mistakes I did.
(Jazmine punches Elizabeth outside through the wall)
(Elizabeth takes the punches without hitting back)
Luke: Elizabeth fight back!
(Elizabeth Coffs up blood)
(Luke and Loke both have a shocked expression on their faces)
(Luke go's to separate them put Diane holds a dagger to his neck)
Diane: They do this all the time so don't interfere
Elizabeth: Because it was my fault this time, and I deserved it!
(Elizabeth smiles, and Coffs up more blood)
Jazmine: I am so sorry!
Elizabeth: It's fine as long as your done because I can't take anymore!
(Elizabeth smiles, and gives a thumps up)
(Elizabeth Coffs up blood once more, and falls)
Luke: Are you OK, it's all your fault, and....
Elizabeth: It's fine Luke it was my fault, and this is how we fight. Not by mouth but by fighting.
(Elizabeth Coffs up blood some more)
Diane: You have major internal bleeding Elizabeth do you think it will work this time.
Luke: How do you know
Diane: My power is sight
(Jazmine looks worried)
Jazmine: I'm going to use a power I was forbidden to use. Turn away and close your eyes.
Elizabeth: I-I told you never to...
Jazmine: Don’t stop me Liz it will make you bleed worse smiles and signals for everyone to turn. Putting her hands on Elizabeth's torso letting the warmth brain from her hands. Every memory of Elizabeth's drains but she still keeps them S-she'll be okay
Elizabeth: Jaz I'm fine!
Jazmine: No your not, stay still!
( a bright light shines in the air, and stops shining)
Loke: What just happened?
Elizabeth: It's called memory healing!
Luke: Your OK kisses her
Loke: what's memory healing?
Jazmine: You don't need to now that, got me!
Dillon: They both have two abilities!
Loke: who are you? * Brings out his hammer*
Elizabeth: Were have you bin, you just missed a fight!
Dillon: I was in town looking for some W.A.S members
Luke: What do you mean by they both have two abilities
Dillon: Well Jazmine has the ability to kill anyone in seconds, and she can heal someone with their memories. But Elizabeth can tell if there are people or enemies around, and she can make....
Luck, and Loke: Make what?
(Elizabeth, and Jazmine fall to the ground)
Luck: Elizabeth!
Loke: Jazmine!
(Elizabeth, and Jazmine get up)
Elizabeth: Jazmine, Dillon, Diane, Jade, Luke, Loke, and Katherine come with me now!
Jazmine: You feel it to!
Elizabeth: yes I do!
(They all jump on to roofs going toured the Montagne de la deces or the mountain of Death)

To be continued


Murder Mystery
Written By: Elizabeth, and Jazmine

Over 10 years have passed since a murder that happened at Raven High school. No one but the detectives and I know the detail about it. You're probably wondering how I know the detail about the murder, well can you keep a secret? I did it! Also do you want to know how I got away with it? Well do you. I am going to tell you anyway, but at the same time I will tell you the whole story from the beginning.
Over 10 years ago 2 kids from my school Jenny the cheerleader captain, and Tom the football team captain were going to the football field together on the darkest night possible, on the same night I came from my families dinner party . I had gloves on. Anyway, they found my great great great grandfathers time capsule when walking home from practice on December 16, 2006; they deserved what was coming for stealing it from MY backyard. They took it back to the school, they looked through everything taring one thing to the next, I was so mad when I watched one thing to the next being torn to pieces, then they found a knife of gold, that was dear to my family in the time capsule and hit the wooden box with golden sides till it was splinters. Then I grabbed the knife from Tom, and stabbed Jenny 30 to 40 times in the chest. I can still feel my heart pounding hard with excitement. Her screams made it even better then the excitement, Tom grabbed my arms sadly and pulled me way from Jenny's bleeding body. Then he call her name;
"Jenny!"no answer
"Jenny!" no answer
He put his fingers to her neck to see if her heart was still beating. No pulse. Tom screamed and put his head agents hers, then set her down very carefully and got up, I laughed with happiness. Tom ran at me, which made it even better; I laughed once more, then I stabbed him until he fell, and I didn't stop there I stabbed Tom 50 to 65 times after he after he fell to kill him.
"I will do it all over just for the excitement the blood, just tell the story gives me goosebumps!"
Then I grabbed all the stuff from the time capsule, and ran to the girls locker room, the one good thing I had with me was some spare cloths, and before I went to collect evidence I made some foot prints behind some bushes. Then I dragged the bleeding body of Jenny to the front of the school, which was really hard to. I stabbed with my myself a couple of time with my left as I was dragging her body, then the sun started to rise and go into the sky. Then principle Baker got out of his car and walked to the office, to make it seem I was one of the one's that got attacked I yelled for help; but as he walked over to me he saw the blood on me, then he saw Jenny, and backed away from me and dead Jenny.
"Principle Baker asked, are you OK?"
"I am, but she isn't doing so hot."
"What happened?"
"We were attacked out of know were; Jenny got stabbed, Tom got stabbed, and I got stabbed."
"OK, I am going to call the police so they can help."
"Good Idea, I said with a fake expression of pain."
"Are you OK."
"Yes I think so with the same expression on my face."
"Help is on the way OK."
"OK I said back to him."
A couple of minutes had passed after the call, the police showed up and looked at the crime seen then asked "me how it happened."
"I told them that some store I told Principle Baker came out of the bushes and surprised us, then the strange person stabbed Jenny, then Tom, and then me, then he left."
I went home after getting stitches at the hospital, and jumped in my bed. I kept dreaming about what happened over and over each time I went to sleep.
"Then the next day on the news papers THREE PEOPLE ATTACKED, ONE SURVIVOR."
Then the detective gave up on trying to find the murder, but the person that did it was staring them in the face the whole time.
"So that's the whole story, That may not be their real names that’s for you to find out...anyway I might have killed 25 more over the years, but that is a whole other story. I still did it without getting caught, but that's another story. So do you want to be my 28th?"
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