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THE BEST PRESENTATION VISUAL AIDS actually make people listen more, by planting questions in their minds and making them want to listen for the answers.

Many presenters spend too much energy on creating PowerPoint slides which are visually dazzling to a point that they obscure the message, much like some of those fantastic TV adverts which are highly memorable, but in the end you have no recollection of what product they were advertising.

Memorable, but ultimately useless. 

And while vision is our most important sense, do not forget that the most important visual aid of all is not the slideshow, it is the speaker -- YOU. 

Your expressions, movements and gestures add meaning and colour to your presentation, and help to make you more convincing and credible. None of these will happen if the audience’s attention is always glued to the screen, as they admire your "designers" slides. 

So the next time you have to give a presentation, make yourself the centre of attention, not your slides. 

Take back power from PowerPoint!

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