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_Welcome_~!My name is Mira, and I'm the Queen here. Please read the rules in the about this community section if you haven't already~. Allow me to explain myself further.

Name: Mira
Age: Around 18-20
Gender: Female
R. Status: Single
Level: 100
Species: Shiny Gardevoir
Occupation Queen
Moves: Confusion, Healing Wish, Moonblast, Teleport, Draining Kiss, Psychic, Magical Leaf, etc.
Royalty?: Yes; Queen.
Shiny?: Yes
Biography: I was raised alone, no parents nor guardians to look after me. I felt like a disgrace, being shoved and bullied wherever I went. Nobody knew that I could be strong. Stronger than them. When I evolved into a Kirlia, I was given the mega stone my mother used to have. I was confused, and looked up at the stray pokemon who had given me the stone. His eyes were glazed with sorrow. He said.. "Mira, I'm so sorry. Your mother didn't abandon you, she was killed while defending you. She left your egg to investigate the shadows, but never came out. We found the body afterwards, but we couldn't find you until now. I'm sorry." Tears welled in my eyes, and I took the mega stone that belonged to her before she died. I swore to use it proudly in honor of my mother, and I finally evolved and created a kingdom of my own.


Below are some extra rules if necessary

To be Royalty
To be considered royalty here, you have to be royalty in another kingdom. You cannot say you are an actual ROYAL HERE. By that I mean you can't say you are Prince, princess, etc. of the glistening kingdom.


Kingdom's Queen:
Mira (me)
Kingdom's King:
Not taken.
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