Hey I'm late to the game, but Sense8 is quite a good show. I'm only up to episode 4 but I really love the core conceit of this show. I wish they would have had a nerd stereotype so someone would just "get it" right away.

So it has me thinking about games. How do you do this in a game?

Obviously, there's +Mark Richardson​'s Headspace, but that doesn't focus on character drama. You could probably do this in +Robert Bohl​'s Misspent Youth but I think it'd need some hacking to make it work - I'm not familiar enough with it to be able to do it. Primetime Adventures would probably be the easiest, with a couple of rules to focus on a single protagonist in each scene with others playing NPCs - that'd make it closer to +Matt Wilson​'s other game, Galactic, but I believe he said that didn't work well in play.

(Yeah I just plussed in some game people to talk about Sense8)

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I really really liked Forever. The pilot has a tone that doesn't follow into the following episodes, so give it at least two.

I love sci-fi that asks questions you will never be able to ask in real life, and this is one of them.

Man, that Expanse scene with Naomi and the ship at Ganymede... An SF show made me get a little choked up.

This season of The Expanse has been kicking much more ass than Season 1. It's like the first season was just setup.

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Put it on your calendars, folks

Wow the current Agents of Shield arc is amazing. This season was good, but damned if this payoff isn't worth some of the shittier arcs. Way better than any of the DC shows.

PS I make my own soap

The Expanse S2E11

Man, this episode was quite something. The scene with Amos and the grenade was amazing - it was a pretty awesome GM hard move if I ever saw one.

I'm also digging Dark Holden, even if Naomi isn't.

The Martian defection was another solid arc in this episode. Whatever going on on Venus is meh, but I'm so happy with how the Draper thing is turning out.

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Meant to post this here
Urban fantasy on Netflix... What's good? I liked Lost Girl. I tried watching Being Human and it didn't grab me. What else is there that's good?

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I saw this and I thought of here.
Rewatching Buffy right now (one of my favourite shows of all time). I often find watching something i like makes me think "how would that go/how would i do that, as a game". I'm always interested in how to do such analysis/or how others do such analysis
So what would make a "Buffy style" Fate game succeed or fail? What dials would be essential? Useful? Wrong?

Those silly DC shows...

Arrow has never been good. I keep it on in the background when I workout - it's good like that. Flash S1 was solid, but it's tapered off a bit. Same with Supergirl - way better with Cat Grant.

But some part of me has always liked Legends of Tomorrow. It's just consistently a fun popcorn show about flitting through time.

But now they're bringing in Christianity. And they even just had a "moments fixed in time" chat pointing to "the crucifixion of Jesus Christ" as one of the most important historical moments.

I think they just lost a viewer.... Ugh

Spartacus: Blood and Sand, season one. GM and one player, with drop in players from time to time? A semi-regular in the form of the dominus.

Real question: what system works for this show as a game?
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