Todays topic is: clothes

I am 11. I try to be as fashonable as possible. In todays society it seems only looks matter. Please try to stand out. Make your personality matter. Not your looks or style. Todays journal entry was not long but it was important

Nature Nature Everywhere!

Nature surrounds us and our homes. It lets us use its wood for shelter, and eat its fruit for food. And it lets us pick its flowers for the little ones joy. What do we give it in return? People plant the seeds it gives us. But if you think about it its sorta rude! Its like giving back a birthday present. Its rude and it seems like you dont want it.
We thank our mothers for making us breakfast, but do we thank the trees? Start to appreciate nature. It basicly gives us everything we own. When you see a beautiful flower dont pick it. Take a picture and let others see its beauty.

Just remember nature sings a beautiful song for those who listen. Listen carefully the song may be for you!

Every day I will post a topic. Then anyone who is a member can post a journal entry about it. Im so exited to see what you guys write!

Todays topic is: Nature
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