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Iris creates a bow and some arrows using her black sand. She makes targets and starts shooting them with the bow and arrow she just made. She stops at the sound of movement in the trees. Iris makes the targets, bow, and arrows vanish and makes swirling balls of black sand and looks around, scanning the trees for who or what made that sound…

Only one person so far seen me

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Iris walks out of the enchanted forest late one night, and finds herself at a lake. She looks up and sees a full moon overhead, and grins up at the Man in the Moon. Her father had told her about him, said he was the one who chose who the guardians, their supposed enemies, to protect the children of the earth. She walks around the edge of the lake, smiling softly, and uses her black sand to make ripples in the lake and move the water. Shortly after making this new little discovery, she backs up into the forest the way she came, training her eyes on the lake, creating a mental image in it. Then she backs up into you…

Running on the roofs of the houses watching everyone. Thinking of Iris

Protector a balancer I'll keep u from death no worship I'm a low level kid
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Story:Anna made me used blood of a dragon for fierceness, Blossoms for my heart. work for Anna and princess of fairies.

I'm a nobody I'm alone worthless and a lonely guy

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So here's what Iris Black looks like. She has the same skin complexion, haircolor, and eyecolor as Pitch does, except her skin color is a lighter shade of gray than his. Her hair is pretty long. The clothes she's wearing in the picture, are black and just the top half of a long dress (you just can't see the rest of it from this yeah) The amulet thingy is the same color as her eyes, and she wears black lace-up boots for shoes (because I guess you needed to know that??) Anyways, here she is:

Iris sat up in the fork of a tree near the path of the Enchanted Forest. She laid on the thick branch and made little shapes and things out of the black sand she created, smiling. That's when she hears someone…or something...on the path…
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