Has anyone connected the Dev Kits to Android Studio using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB)?  There is only a small description about how to setup this up using a adb_usb.ini file.   

How does one setup the Clover Startupkit from clover. Just recieved a clover mini and could not activate it. Tried calling the customer support sat 1-855-853-8340 and they had no clue about a startupkit. Any help is appreciated

Hi all,

Can anyone suggest / confirm how convenience fee and delivery charges can be sent to Clover as part of an order?
Do these have to be created in Clover developer account?
I did not find direct APIs for these so I am only able to send price, sub-total, total tax and final total.

Also, are one or both of these (convenience, delivery) fees be taxed by restaurants?

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So I have my dev account setup, have a test MID created.  I have items setup in the test merchant but when I try to pull items from the REST test harness (https://www.clover.com/api_docs#!/inventory/GetItems) with my test MID I get no content.  Thoughts?

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Tried downloading the clover engine apk from https://www.clover.com/developers/dev-apks.  Tried installing com.clover.engine-1416.apk  and I'm getting INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK

$ adb install com.clover.engine-1416.apk 
1891 KB/s (3344925 bytes in 1.726s)
pkg: /data/local/tmp/com.clover.engine-1416.apk

Tried this on a Nexus 5, Nexus 4 running Lollipop 5.1.1 w/ "Unknown Sources" enabled in Security settings.  Is there anything else I'm missing?

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Could anyone please help me as I am getting the following error when logging into my Clover account in an emulator:
{"message":"Invalid credentials"}
The account was registered on eu.clover.com and the apk files were downloaded from eu.clover.com/developers/dev-apks
I can log in on the website at www.eu.clover.com but unfortunately I can't on the Android device/emulator.
Any ideas?

I'm new to Clover Development. Does anyone know how to update Clover inventory 'quantity' every time wordpress woocommerce acknowledges a purchase online? Suppose to create a plugin that has woocommerce api tell clover api via rest that a purchase has been made, and update the 'quantity' in clover inventory. Then clover inventory sends the update stock 'quantity'.

When scanning, I can get the intent from broadcast receiver, when I ask to pass the value of "Barcode" I get something that is not remotely from the order ID. A little hand?

String barcode = intent.getStringExtra("Barcode");

Note: In the Clover Mini & Mobile I get random Text/Number, on the station I get random numbers.

Is the order ID the actual bar-code? Is it different?

Increase in 429 errors? 

Hi - I'm seeing a spike in 429 errors (API limit) in the last hr.  Curious if others might be seeing the same (or not)!

Hi folks, using the OrderConnector I am able to retrieve only the last few orders using the getOrders() function (by passing in null for the id list parameter, I get 7 orders in my case). If I do the /orders rest request through a web GET I get 100 orders. Is there a way to get the same info via Android code? What is the logic behind returning just a few in my case I wonder? Thanks guys keep up the good work!
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