I've been trying to connect to main website for 3 days with no luck - Am I too late?  Is this app still around?? 

Not getting any new news stories for the last 36 hours.

Pocket Integration Issues
So in attempts to get the Pocket integration working (because it hasn't worked since I got a new replacement Glass last week), I removed Winkfeed from Pocket's Connected Apps [1]. Unfortunately, Winkfeed is still showing 'Pocket Integration Enabled' and I don't know how disable to so I can re-enable it - there's no button on the Offline Reading page like I would expect.

[1] - https://getpocket.com/connected_applications

Hi, I've just received Glass and installed WinkFeed as its exactly the sort of thing I've been wanting to do with Glass. It would be great if we could chose an alternative Read it Later service like Instapaper. 

Are there any plans to develop this app further or to open source it so others can build on this work? 

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Now you can follow the world cup from winkfeed #throughglass  

I've tried all means of troubleshooting Google Glass to safe to pocket after the update to kit Kat and no luck... Please help! 


I am unable to save winkfeeds to my pocket account, I have tried everything from reinstalling the app to closing and opening my pocket account. Is there a problem with my account? Can you fix it? Thanks

Hi, I am having the same issue as +Carlos Luna .  Articles will not save to pocket from my Glass. 

{insert Professor Farnsworth voice here}
Good News Everyone!

After a brief outage period, Save to Pocket is now functional again! We found the bug that appeared when XE16 was released and have fixed the problem. If you had Pocket enabled it should work now, even for old cards. If you do have any problems please try disabling and enabling Pocket in settings. As always, if you continue to have issues, please let us know right here and we will look into it.

We discovered through our beta program that a very small number of users still cannot save to Pocket. If this is happening to you, please let us know.

Thank you for bearing with us while we corrected the problem.

Hi, I've been unable to get any article to post to Pocket since XE16.x and beyond. I've disabled and re-enabled the Glassware, but it just doesn't seem to save to Pocket.

Got any ideas, or is this a known glitch with Google's software updates?
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