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Who is still on here lol

i declare you legally dead

rest in peace, you were the only thing i had done right in my life

how is this not dead

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what's a better playstyle
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Dodge and Grinder
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Guns Blazing Armor

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idk anymore
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This is my idea for a hiester

Name: Stylo

Real Name: Oliver Tough

age: 24

hieght: 4'8

Place Of Birth: London, England

Bio: Stylo was born in England and lived as the only child for a poor family. at a young age people noted his short stature and slow mindedness. at the age of 8 young Oliver "Stylo" Tough was hit by a moving boat while swimming in a lake, the boats propeller nearly hit Oliver but the impact gave Oliver 2 8-Ball fractures. his eyes now filled with blood left Oliver almost blind but with help from special contact lenses, Oliver could see but his eyes now looked pure white. at the age of 17 Oliver met Levi "nom" Shevrin when he traveled to the US. Levi called Oliver Stylo because every one called him Oliver "Stay Low" for his short size. after a couple years of hiesting Oliver took the Nickname stylo as his codename. Stylo realized that due to his poor eye sight, mask could not work so he got an idea, he would use make up to change his appearance and put a small mask over his contact lenses. stylo changes his apperence to throw off people who are hunting him.

mask: N/A

perk deck: Short Stature
this perk deck revolves around sneaking for a while and then striking out of no where. the deck gives bonuses to the perks: Low Blow, Joker and Inspire while decreasing the perks: Iron Man and Swan Song

extra: Stylos short size makes it so he can't handle larger weapons like the: China Puff, Arbiter, Vulcan and Thanos

Stylo cant wear the combined tactical armor or the improved combine tactical armor due to the armor not fitting

Stylo wears metal braces on his arms, these braces improve unarmed melee strikes

(what would you rate Stylo)

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this is my oc mask and sorry I'm a little rusty

name: jack finch
aka: blue
hair color: blonde
Nationality: American
role: runaway
age: 22
Eye color: green
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