New IRC channel for CoffeeMUD - irc:// - see you there!

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New CoffeeMUD group and IRC channel

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Whoop whoop. Thanks to +Jeremy Stratton for the help! Loving this one so far.

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Just wanted to put out a shout-out for my mud-like game Imperium. It dates back to the 90's but was undeveloped for many years - its back in active development now😄

It is a text based strategy game like Empire but set in a sci-fi universe. There are clients for most platforms or you can use any telnet client like regular MUDs. There is also a html5 client from mudportal.

The address is telnet:// and you can get more information on the site below!

Can someone school me in this whole MUD thins? I need to learn!! Also how do I play on the Blowtorch client for android... I just want to experience the MUD

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Plans starting at $12/month. All of the subscriptions include the following features:
Shell Access via SSH
SSD storage
Web based Citadel Mail Server
Website setup featuring:
Shape-5 Vertex Template
Jomsocial Community Software ($99 value)
Kunena Forum
JV-LD Link Directory ($40 value)
jDownloads Download Manager
Akeeba Backup Software
CoffeeMUD (ask if you want a different MUD engine)
Support covering updating all the above features

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Hi! Im looking for a experienced Perl programmer to work on a client for my networked text-based strategy game. The project is opensource and i can afford to pay $175 for the initial help. More can be discussed for future work. What i am needing is someone to integrate a subroutine to process server output so data can be stored in a hash and the user sees the potentially edited data. The github repo address is if you are interested...

Hope to hear from you!

So I'm working on my own MUD engine and was wondering if anyone had decent resources or tips for a coder wanting to learn how to actually build a virtual world. Stuff like how to flesh out an idea and such.

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Here is my second post:

We are happy to announce our new service for developers of text-based games that helps you get more visits to your site. If you have a text-based game or application you are invited to register at and create a account and add a 468x60 banner. This service is totally free, forever...

If you are looking for a new text game to play, give us a visit too!

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Hi! First time poster here - I have a text-based RPG called Imperium I would love to see you in. Imperium is a game of intergalactic conquest and exploration and supports up to 253 players. You can get more information at and I suggest reading the introduction...
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