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Made a small directory browser / file launcher for Window Maker. It uses my Little Forms widget library (which, like GNUstep and WINGs, also looks like NextStep).

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Hi guys, I'm moving back to windowmaker after several years of gnome/unity.
I've just read this nice post from bigsmoke ( and was wondering how to set a working terminal as the desktop. That looks awesome for someone who is typing in a console 80% of the time.
Any clue?

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Just in case anyone still reads this G+.I have WM up and running on Arch 64 bit. Still quite a bit of tweaking to do. I have one good tip that works just fine and dandy on my set up.This may work on other distros that use systemd.

A one click shutdown feature for WM.Details and screenshot to be found at Post 70 over here,

I have no idea why the link shows UBUNTU and I can not find a way to alter it to show the original link.Clicking the link will take you to the correct site and thread though.
Why UBUNTU I do not recall mentioning it anywhere in the thread at all. Oh well strange is life. ;-)

Hey folks, is Window Maker based on any toolkit? Or does it have a toolkit on its own? If yes, is there any source level separation?

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Hello fellow Window Maker users.
I'm using WMaker in a Android Tablet (inside a Debian Amrel installed into it). I'm loving every second of it - but I would like to try improving my experience.

Do you folks have any tips on getting WMaker to be more touch friendly? Maybe making it's buttons bigger or something like that...

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Hi, I'm using windowmaker 0.95.5 in a Fedora 20 box but sometimes it freezes up all my session when I'm trying to change workspaces. Altough I can keep moving the pointer, keyboard and calls to wmaker are ignored. Can someone tell me where should I look to fix this?

I'm attaching a link from someone that ask for something related, but without replies (since 2005)

Does anyone know how to solve a problem with wmaker live distro touch pad scrolling which doesn't seem to work. This is very annoying and it works in other wmaker distributions such as LiquidLemur 2011 and it should work in wmaker live. Any help  would be appreciated.

I know the Window Maker program is still being developed but is this community still alive ?

Hi is this community still alive ?

Hi I am trying to use the "#" feature when you post in different communities.
I can do "#Arch" and it shows up next to a post, but run inti difficulties when I try "#Window Maker" as all I get is "#Window". The only way round this I have found so far is to do "#Window_Maker"
I'm trying to drum up some more users so I have a few more folk to ask advice from when I run into glitches ha ha. ;-)
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