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Google Map: Best of Croatia

The Best of Croatia Google Map is a collection of best attractions, restaurants, bars, cafes, camps, and hotels in Croatia:

Here's also a link to the Best of Istria Google Map:

Which are your favorites? Add to comments and we'll update the map with your recommendations.

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13 places to visit in Croatia before you die

With over 1,000 islands, amazing museums, sensational music festivals, a spectacular rocky coast and super clean Mediterranean sea, Croatia is a dreamy summer destination. Country unlike any other. There are just so many things you can see and do here. Whether it is its unspoiled nature, historical sights or world-class museums, Croatia has it all.

Which places are you going to visit in Croatia depends mostly on your specific tastes and interests, as this fascinating little country on the Adriatic has everything you could ask for.

Wanna find out what are the best spots to visit? What is crème de la crème of this beautiful country?

Here is the list of 13 places to visit in Croatia before you die.

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Croatia's sexiest beaches

Croatia's main tourist attraction is, and always has been, its beaches. With miles of pristine continental Adriatic seaside and dozens of islands to visit, the sun and fun are endless. For this journey, leave the kids and your inhibitions home; we're taking you to Croatia's 10 sexiest beaches.
Croatia's Sexiest Beaches
Croatia's Sexiest Beaches

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Trogir is a dream-like Croatian destination, with a jaw-dropping harbour, exceptionally beautiful landscape and an abundance of stunning architecture, your holiday to this area will be inspirational!

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Natural beauty of Croatia in this new timelapse video

Famous for its translucent sea, rugged coastline and unspoiled beauty, if Croatia's sterling reputation isn't enough to convince you to go, this gorgeous timelapse will certainly do the job.

This spectacular display of natural beauty was captured by top photographers Mario Romulić and Dražen Stojčić. Touring attractions from Dubrovnik's handsome city walls to the world's smallest cathedral in Nin, the video showcases Croatia's diverse landscapes as well as its most important cultural heritage sites.

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Mercedes in Croatia for New A-Class World Premiere

Mercedes-Benz has chosen Croatia to present their latest A-Class model.

Meanwhile, Mercedes released yesterday the promo video of their new AMG GT S which was filmed on the Croatian island of Pag at the end of the last year.

Croatia has been a favorite filming location for luxury car manufacturers with the likes of BMW, Porsche, Bentley, Lexus, Volvo and Skoda all filming global promo campaigns in the country.

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3 Best Mountain Escapes for Retirement

These mountain towns provide cool weather and views of scenic peaks and waterfalls.

2. Istria, Croatia. This region of Croatia, a triangular peninsula running alongside the coast of Italy, is a beguiling patchwork of meadows, vineyards and olive groves. Its rolling hills and mountainsides are dotted with white-stone villages, some dating to the Middle Ages. This is Europe's undiscovered Riviera.

Often compared with Tuscany, Istria is less discovered, less touristy, more green and boasts better infrastructure. Croatia's war of independence ended in late 1995. Since then, the Croatians have been working ambitiously and aggressively to rebuild their country. Croatia's highways, bridges and mountain tunnels are state of the art, while the towns, villages and olive groves in Istria are ancient.

And while Istria is a place to seek out pastoral living at its best, it's also an increasingly cosmopolitan region. There are world-famous truffle festivals every fall, when hundreds of truffle hunters and their sniffing dogs trawl Istria's woodlands in search of white and black truffles. Istria's best winemakers present their offerings at the internationally recognized Festival of New Wine at the end of fall. There's also an annual summer film festival that attracts the international jet set.

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[ Highlights: Cracking Croatian Wine Masterclass ]
Learn about 6 important wine grapes of Croatia in this video.

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Life on the edge of civilization': Hiking in Croatia's mountains

Its Adriatic coast is so dazzling that few venture into Croatia’s mountains but a short way inland are walks amid gorges and peaks that are just as spectacular – and characters with stories to tell.

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