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This is the reboot of this community. We need everyone who is interested in continuing to RP with this community (The One Im posting IN) to join this community (The one I'm posting ABOUT). It takes place ten years in the future, so you ca even change your character a bit if you want.

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Emily walks in the forest trying to find the school. A hand whisked out and grabbed her dragging her into a cave. After she was tied up, the person showed themselfs. She had short red and black hair, and peircing blue eyes. She came next to her and pulled out a rack of glass vails. She picked one up filled with black liquid. W-what are you doing? Emily asked. The girl did not reply but simply forced the black liquid down her throat. Emily gagged but swallowed and the girl smirked. Well then. You will find out soon. She knocked Emily out and dragged her to another cave and tied her to a wall with thick ropes and titanium bars You should have stayed at the safe house like your Daddy told you. Demigod. I hope you enjoy your new life. The girl laughed as she left. Emily struggled to get out, but the chains were to tight. Emily couldn't see it but the Camp had to be close. Mabye if she called for help. Before she finished that thought she was hit by a sever pain in her feet and hands. It felt like someone was poking her with several needles. AHHHH! HELP! Was it her imagination or did the chains actually get tighter as the pain grew? That must be it because the pain is getting worse PLEASE HELP! What she did not see was the white fur growing very slowly up her arms and legs HELP!

(Open, no need to ask)

I survived? Wonderfull, I love it when I do that

Name: Emily Evening

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Eyes: Dark brown with light brown rings
Hair: Dark brown with light blond highlights
Skin: tan
Hair style: Straight and a bit tangled
Clothes: Baggy shirts and long pants

Likes: Mythology, not dieing.

Dislikes: Monsters. Being called weak though, she knows it's true

Family: Lord Zeus, mortal mother Amelia. Very distant legacy to Posiden

Powers: Controling the winds. Sorta And controling water! the other day she got a drip to fall out of the sink. Don't tell her, but it might have been a leaky sink :/

Bio: Emily has been hiding a secret her whole life. A demigod with weak powers and high smarts. Skipped two grades but being really smart does not help you destroy a drakon. Only able to defeat a few monsters without help. A daughter of Zeus and distant legacy of Posiden. Now hopfully she can survive the school year. Without alot of damage. 

Oh hey guys. Whats up?

leront sits atop his cabins roof, staring at the stars, his black scarf wrapped around him tightly
Heh. Its a wonder night, yes?
he chuckles, a man forming out of the wind next to him

Felix: indeed it is
he chuckles softly, his voice as soft as the spring breeze
and i believe we are not alone
he points towards the camp behind them

Leront: let me gusse i should go socialize?

Felix: yes, yes you should

Leront: he sighs Fine
he turns, jumping of the roof, and vanishes into the shadows, reappearing near the campfire
anyone here?

(Open roleplay, anyone welcome )

[Wow... I haven't been active since... September 23? Daaang...... life gets in the way, you know?
I'm back now, not that I was here for long anyway.]
(Open RP {why would it be closed???})
Theo is walking to the Zeus cabin after a long day of practicing his aim with lightning. It's always so exhilarating for him, calling forth massive charges of electricity to fry everything in his way. The new dummies the Hephastus cabin has made self-repair, so he was able to practice all day. Happily content with his aim, he is now walking back home, exhausted.


Tora is lying on her cabin's roof. Although she had been away for such a long time, not much has changed. Sure, some relationships have ended, some started, some even were as graceful as to carry on unhurried by the lapse in time. People have died. People have arrived. Camp remains home. She sighs contentedly.

ker yawns as he slowly drifts around in the lake (I'm back^_^ anyone miss meh?)

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2 days earlier:
Goes off to write Sky x Jarod fanfic Muahahaha
Drifts into a 'Jarod has his own harem' idea
Slowly drifts into writing Jaryss instead
...... Fuck.
( Cough +Jarod Cheng +Katrina Park )
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