Today I'll screencast a WordPress install, I think...  What other videos might be useful for you?

Good morning! With a shiny new website and a new online course starting this Thursday, time to get social again.  What would you like to know about WordPress? Ask away...

Now then, my dears - this Saturday I will be making videos all about using WordPress, which will then go into a course and a book and many to go on the website for you to make use of when you need. Suggestions for topics welcome...

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Time to get blogging again too, so there's something to share with you. After being asked what to do when you've forgotten your password, this blog post shows you:

Time to bring the Blogmistress ways to Google+, helping those of us using WordPress for our blogs and/or websites, with no faff or waffle allowed.

It's been a while since I've worked on my website! So this is great! Kx
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