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pertind there are wings on his back and there are claws on his left hand

Quotes: I will never give up. even if it costs me my life. i will protect my friends even if i am close to death.  this is a true heroes  DETERMINATION

Name: Leon Maroo

Nickname: Hero Of Fire

Eye color: both eyes are completely black except for the pupil witch is red

Hair color: maroon

Gender: male

Personality: depends on mood but mostly hot headed

Race: (from rwby) Dragon Faunus (half human half dragon), he is a spiret now and he is the dragon god of fire ,war ,and wrath.

Transformations: Turns into a full dragon

Bio: grew up n the street and had to learn how to fend for himself. ended up joining a spec ops group in side of a terrorist organization were then he climbed the rankes until he was the captain of the whole unit. years later he betrayed this group and found the love of his life and now thay are on the same team together.

Weapons: buster sword that is also a revolver with 4 barrels holding 6 bullets each each bullet is a explosive round.

powers/ abilities: when angry all stats increas and an aura that for each level of anger also represents a level of heat the aura produces and what color the aura is orange is normal fire  red is hotter  blue is second to hottest and white  is  really really hot. he also has a power were he uses some of his energy and aura to manipulate things around him. 

Dislikes: douchbags and bullies

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[Name] Elizabeth Marie Breaux

[Age] 15

[Nickname] Liz

[Height] 5'4

[Weight] 120 lbs

[Hair Color] Light Purple

[Eye Color] Blue

[Alignment] Good


Psychic Visions/Predictions
Spirit Detection
Psychic Weaponry
High Pain Endurance
Healing Hands
Healing Factor
Astral Projection
Never Ages
Future Predictions
Psychic 3rd Eye
Fortune Telling

Expert Marksman 
Expert Hand to Hand Combat
Expert Swordsman
High Intellect Scholar
Gun Identification 
Gadget Maker
Weapon Creator 

[Bio] Elizabeth was born in France and raised in Seattle. Her mother was born in Paris and her father was born in Seattle to explore more of the United States, Elizabeth was a young and naive kid and she was turning 4 years old when her mother died of cancer and her dad raised her to be successful until his death on Elizabeth's 6th birthday. She later was in a orphanage where a couple adopted her and raised her impressively well.. They took Elizabeth to get her braces and she has them.. She was given lollipops as rewards and she works at a restaurant called the Jazz Rose. She is saving her money to buy herself a house. Her adoptive father bought her a truck and Elizabeth loved it. She has been called 2nd World's Cutest Girl with Braces. Elizabeth continues to work hard and never gives up.

[Date of Birth] April 22nd 2000

[Place of Birth] Paris, France

[Hobbies] Playing Cards, Doing Magic Tricks, Cooking, Studying, Playing Video Games, Reading, Dancing, Singing, Feeding Birds, Planting, Painting Nails, and Watching Movies

Edward Kennedy (Biological Father, Deceased)
Leanne Breaux-Kennedy (Biological Mother, Deceased)

Unknown Male (Adoptive Father)
Unknown Female (Adoptive Mother)

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Quotes: "I just wanna see you cry in tears and your blood smeared all over!"
Name: Yuri Mytatsu
Nicknames: Yu Yu
Eye Color: Red/yellow
Hair Color: Red and yellow bangs
Gender: Male
Personality: Reckless, Cocky, Aggressive, Ruthless, Careless
Transformations: Lynx Unleashed (A tiger with red Aura appears behind him for a flash second meaning he is preparing to go all out)
Bio:Yuri Mytatsu born in Kyoto, Japan in a small village he was introduced to beyblade when a promoter for WBBA held a bey tournament Yuri wad given a beyblade as a birthday gift and enters the tournament as he won he was given $1,000,000 and became a millionaire and continued to beyblade he won in a team competiton as part of Team Japan and also joined Dark Nebula he plans on buying nebula
Weapon(s): Lynx GX (Beyblade)
Dislikes: "Maybe u dislike Humanity"
Likes: Food, Eating, Fighting, Beyblading, Seeing Pain
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a man walks the street slowly with weapons at his waist and back. Yet he doesn't seem threatening

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Name: Salvage Prime
Age: 17 appearance 175 actual age
Gender: Male
Appearance: pictures
Race: Soul
Division: Squad 12
Position: 3rd seat
Affiliation: Soul Society
Weapon: Zanpakuto
Powers/abilities: Fire abilities, Fast Dash
Raitosupīdosurasshu (Lightspeed Slash): at a great speed, Salvage can Slash his opponents at a great speed

Fureimubureido (Flame Blade): Salvage lights his Katana on fire to enhance his Sword skills

Harumagedon (Armageddon): Followed up by his rage, Salvage hits the opponent in the chest with the handle of the Katana, then stabs his opponent where he hit the opponent, removes the blade out of the hit point and sparks a small amount of fire that deals High Damage, the opponent does not dies just wounded

Zanpakuto Name: Chi ni ueru koto translation: Bloodlust
Zanpakuto Type: Sword
Zanpakuto Shape: long steel blade

Vizord aka Hallow Mask: While fighting with a Hallow and focusing on his Spiritual Energy, it just burst and dawned the Hallow mask.

Shikai: Oshioki no chēn (Giant blade)

Bankai: Desuburēdo (Scythe)

Bio: A Born Soul who married +Rukia Kuchiki​ and part of the soul society he is the 3rd seat in Squad 12
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((as I hate unwinnable fights I put in a lot of moves I will only use when a fighter has some sort of unimaginable/super overpowered ability))

"Always." smiling

Name: Aki Muramasu

Race: shinigami/soul reaper

Age: 345 body's 17

Occupation: elder smither. And elite miner

Sex: male

Height: 5'4 

Weight: 180 lbs

likes: art the stars

dislikes: people touching his swords

currently doing: smiting swords and making a living

place of residence: school i attend

Personality: lazy and friendly in normal form but each bankai release has a different personality.
Techniques: Bankai, true released form, as well as my Hollow form, and I am a master at hado and swordsmanship.

Specialty: multiple bankai. Has three swords and has achieved Bankai with each one.

In physical body he has human strength and supersonic speed. In physical body he has masterful use of kido and hado. He also posses one sword he made himself.

In spiritual form he has superhuman strength and three swords. Beyond supersonic speed. And perfect control of kido and hado.

When I turn Hollow I lose my mind and the ability to use hado and kido and gain immense physical power.

After going through hollowfication his blade become one long blade and his body seems to become covered in wrapping but it is in fact the hollow bone.

Bio: I grew up in the sixth squad being used by the other Squads. My inner hollow connected with that hate and I killed every soul reaper in the 5th squad up to the captain at least.

Weapons: three bankai- a blade and kido cannon he carries in human form

Hōyoku: spelt: 鵬翼: meaning: phoenix wings: main weapon- shikai is a whip, it's bankai form is a pair of wings it is an Elemental Bankai of fire..... his personality becomes angry and hot headed as well as very easily manipulated to fight
shikai abilities:  
Hoyoku: Fenikkusunoo wa hinshi no hoshi o tsukurimasu: He points the whip into the air which sends out all of the fire in one of the tails of his shikai forming a ball of fire in the air with a large amount of oppressing reiatsu spewing in all directions this "sun which he calls it has in fact a small gravitational pull at least enough to absorb any projectile within a small space of it
Hoyoku: Rakka hana no hoshi o hinshi: this is the next form of his previous shika ability which will become active at a random time which Aki cannot control, when this happens the "sun" created by his ability will go "supernova" expanding to anywhere between 2 to 10 times the size as well as releasing a large explosion of oppressing reiatsu. At this point it begins to shrink and as it does the gravitation spreads and becomes stronger and able to pull in small children with ease, after it shrinks and vanishes a large amount of red-orange flowers appear out of it and the amount can multiply dramatically by the amount of debris it has picked up these "flowers" are deadly destroying the souls by burning at a heat of 500,000 degrees Fahrenheit
Second ability:
Hoyoku: Fenikkusu no hai: in this usage of his shikai it turns into ash falling in a pile on the floor leaving him with only his handle in his hand as he continues to fight the ashes slowly rekindle and reform the only thing he needs to do is wait for the weapon to reforge in a shape of his choosing
bankai ability: very unique and don't want anything other than constructive criticism
Bankai: Chūkū no honō: at this stage he completely stops the suppression of his flames letting them spread around his body and around the area he is in. These flames burn at over three times the heat of his shikai. as these flames spread they easily destroy is physical clothing and "body", releasing his inner hollow in a different form. He calls this form the dying star practitioner and it is enveloped in heat immeasurable and the beast not only retains his mind but also can freely summon this fire at the cost of slowly eroding the lungs of aki

Kami o kantsū yami: spelt: 神を貫通闇: meaning: the darkness that pierces god: secondary weapon- Shikai is a bow, the bankai form is a staff, which can channel spiritual pressure through to make a very powerful special hado only I can perform, it is an Elemental Bankai of darkness considered the demon staff of darkness..... his personality becomes dark and twisted searching for blood and death, he still thinks in a very smart yet twisted way.
shikai abilities:
Kami o kantsū yami: Hikari no gen'in to yami as he holds the bow he charges large amounts of reishi as he releases the “bolt” it most likely misses, but in the off chance it hits the person will become engulfed by darkness and become unable to hear or see. if it misses the entire field that the fight takes place on will become a giant white space where nothing is visible to anyone inside except me the effect is so severe that it takes away not only all your senses but also has the ability to permanently blind you if you try to look too hard
second shikai ability:
Kami o Kantsu yami: Shōki uchikudaku yami He charges pure reishi into his finger while he feigned an attack from his bow he quickly jabs you with this small blade. After this he injects your body full of his own power and the element of darkness as not only do your nerves slowly start to fail to listen to your commands but they begin to put out pain as if received directly from your brain if this fails to happen he is still able to control the darkness inside to cause damage to your veins and arteries enough to incapacitate you without any major damage in either case. used to escape or leave a fight mostly
Bankai ability:
Bankai: Shinda kamigami no yami as he places his staff on the floor still holding it he takes the ball on the staff and removes it as dark sparks move between  the two points that were holding the ball. as you look at the ball you notice an aura of pure blackness spreading outward.he placed them upwards allowing you to choose, this was the end no matter the choice for each was more deadly than anything else you could imagine. the ball: he sticks the staff in the ground leaving it behind as he stands and does an inaudible chant which caused black aura to surround his bod as he spoke: “You chose the darkness of a dead star, and this will be the end.” his voice was deep as he said these words. his body changes and grows slightly larger a half mask covers his mouth and eyes he again speaks this time through a direct connection with your mind: ”This was my first attempt at awakening my inner hollow forcefully and as you see it failed but left me with tremendous power.”  the abilities include a control over a field of darkness as well as weapons which he can form from the power in the sphere.
if you pick the staff he drops the sphere and points the crescent moon on the staff at the moon. as he does this the moon in the sky becomes the same shape as his staff. he then shoots sparks into the ska and summons down a hellfire of pure black lighting from the pure black sky.
Bōkyaku no sheipā: spelt: 忘却のシェイパー: meaning:shaper of oblivion: third weapon- Shikai is a pair of gauntlets, the bankai form is a wolf, which can channel the powers of the other two Elemental types to create my ultimate hado, it is a yin yang type and acts depending on my other active bankai.... his personality becomes that of a pacifist when this is the only active bankai, it also gives him the knowledge of an expert tracker.

Divine Power: (gained from the fusion of three souls powering his Zanpakuto and his own)

Monochrome: Monochrome is a power that suppresses and neutralizes everything, including super powers and special abilities, close to the user, restraining and draining the vitality of living things, accompanied by the withering of all color, earning the power it's name. If left rampant, the power will twist and ravage everything in the area of effect.

Monochromatic Aura: Suppresses the life-force and power of all things in the user's vicinity. The monochromatic aura can cut the power of a great god by half, kill a lesser god, and even cause substantial damage to the surrounding environment.

Monochromatic Wall: Counters all offensive forces, shielding the user from enemy attacks. The wall's power is such that even Shi Xing struggled to shatter it.

Monochrome: Dark Wall: An advanced version of monochromatic wall and more a powerful defensive ability.

Monochrome: Dark Prison: Restrains and drains the life force of living things, accompanied by the withering of all color, this is a offensive ability.

Monochrome: True Dark Prison: An advanced version of Dark Prison's pure offensive ability. While using this ability, Aki Muramasu can't defend himself, however it significantly limits his opponent movements and lowers their defenses. Due to the amount of divine power required, he loses the ability to use hadou while this is activated. At its peak, it is capable of halting high gods and affecting a massive area around it too.

Powers for use on characters with omnipotence/nigh omnipotence or infinite abilities: *(such as infinite strength, speed, endurance, ect.)*
Body of reishi: as his body is made of reishi he cannot be seen, comprehended, or harmed by anything not made of reishi.
Bakudou 79: Nine Sunlight Traps (Kuyō Shibari)
- Creates eight black holes that emit spiritual energy in the personal space surrounding the target, with a ninth black hole manifesting in the center of the target's chest.
Bakudou 99, Part One: Restrain (Kin)
-Wraps black cloth around the target and places gray slabs spaced along the cloth, can be wrapped around any part of the target.
Bakudou 99, Part Two: Ultimate Supression (Bankin)
-First Song, Constriction (Shiyuu) – Wraps foe in cloth.
-Second Song, Hundred Bolts (Hyakurensan) – Pierces foe with iron bolts.
-Final Song, Ultimate Seal (Bankin Taihou) – Drops a gigantic stone block on foe.
White Crawl/Prostration (Hakufuku)
-Causes a target to lose consciousness.
8 Joined Twin Cliffs (Hachigyou Sougai)
-A barrier developed by the Vizard Hachigen Ushōda. The barrier is a double dislocation barrier, which has the ability of erasing whatever is within it from existence and removing the space it takes up from an outsider's inner consciousness, making it so that one is not even able to perceive it is there. The very thought of getting close to it doesn't even occur to those outside it. It is so powerful and unique in composition that it cannot be undone by Shinigami Kidō.
Standing Ovation (Sutandingu Obēshon)
-This technique is a unique Kidō barrier technique by Hachigen Ushōda. Hachi can create barriers around various opponents and then use those barriers to severe the opponent into parts.
Quad Burial Barrier (Shisō Kekkai)
-This technique was used by Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, and is the seal used to lock away Kōga Kuchiki. Four spears are used to trap the target by their hands and legs. The target rises up into sky and is then sealed in a black coffin-like box with chains wrapping around it. The four spears then pierce the box all at once.

Bio: in order to use three separate Zanpakuto he made a deal with them to let the Zanpakuto spirit to use his body when he activates his bankai. He can only release two Bankai at a time. If all three become released he becomes what is considered his true form with all three weapons.

Sexuality: straight
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Quotes: I've never met you but...I hate you.
Name: Erza In Hyuga
Nicknames: Erza-chan
Eye Color: Red/yellow
Hair Color: Blue
Gender: Female
Personality: Quiet, childish, loving, cold, black and white
Race: ...
Transformations: Alex Healer and Blood Snow
Weapon(s): Chains, Twin Pistols, Scythe
Powers/Abilities: Can melt any metal at the touch or her hand and mold it. And change forms with different powers
Dislikes: Being alone, land meat, ...
Likes: Food, hugs, books, being alone, her Cutie
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